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Albana Walk Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Albana Walk, Bugs Bunny, found, Ickworth Park, lost, shoes on September 8, 2007 at 9:22 am

7.50am 8.6 miles in 1 hr 12 mins 45 seconds
Week to date mileage 24 miles
Month to date mileage 343
Average weekly rate 30.1 miles
Average monthly rate 131
Year to date 1080
Lifetime 10673

A lovely Saturday morning and I set off early for a run around Ickworth Park .The Albana Walk in Ickworth Park holds good memories for me and is a wonderful walk any time of year. The path is finely graveled and suitable for wheel chair access.

There is always wildlife a plenty to see here especially if you are an early bird . Today I saw two deer . There is always a moment where he deer is frozen still as it comprehends the threat and danger that you offer. Likewise hearing a sudden rustle in the undergrowth I usually am brought to a standstill before the deer shoot off into the wood or through a field. Less common are encounters with foxes and these are extra special.

Green woodpeckers are a regular site less common a site are the Great Spotted Woodpecker with its black,white and red markings .

However today I wasn’t disappointed and had two less common spots

Firstly a pair of shoes neatly placed on a pillar. Why? Whats the story to these ? Neatly placed perhaps someone didn’t have the heart to chuck in the bin and hopes that someone will take a fancy to them and try them on.

Second spot was a lost Bugs Bunny balloon .

A well inflated one at that so I would guess this might have been accidentally lost between fingers by some child in Bury Buttermarket.
The balloon has made its way up to Horringer and caught in the hedgerows upside down with its toothy grin – £3.50 down the drain and some parent cursing the purchase. Then again maybe there is an entirely different story these are the day dreams that make up a long distance run.

Once again let me have you songs with running or run in the title as I wan to compile a long list . What things have you recently found or spotted?