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Shrewsbury Shropshire

In River Severn, Shrewsbury on July 24, 2007 at 7:02 pm

A visit to Shrewsbury in the rain. I think this is the old Gay Meadow football ground which I visited twice. Last season saw the final game at this venue before Shrewsbury move to their new ground. Always something sad about this when a club moves after a hundred years of history playing at this site.

A local told me that a club official had a coracle boat to fetch balls that landed in the River Severn. Not sure if he was having me on but with the price of footballs they obviously couldn’t afford to let them float away. After the recent flooding in the area the river level looked high.

Ironbridge Shropshire

In bridge, Ironbridge, River Severn, Shropshire on July 22, 2007 at 1:17 pm

On our way to Wilderhope Manor YHA we stopped of at Ironbridge which is said to be the birth place of the industrial revolution.

It is home of course to the Worlds first iron bridge built by Abraham Darby in 1779. It would seem that a considerable loss was made by Darby on the venture having agreed to build the bridge for a cost of £5k when costs exceeded this he became liable for the rest.

Darby had perfected a means of smelting iron with coke rather than more expensive charcoal.

The River Severn had abated from the worst of the flood conditions that had arisen just the previous week but there was evidence of a number of shops that had closed due to flooding here. There wasn’t time for us but there are 10 museums to visit here which would make a good day trip.