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Risby Suffolk

In Electrolyte, risby, Sports Drinks, suffolk on July 10, 2009 at 8:15 pm

An out and back run from Bury St Edmunds to Risby in Suffolk. A long lunch time run the weather being a litle cooler and less humid I felt a lot more comfortable then I have done for the last few weeks.

I ran out 5 miles my route taking me out along the Newmarket Road and under the A14 flyover before turning towards Risby past the crematorium. The edge of Risby village is reached at around 3.5 miles. As I wanted to do a 5 mile out and back I continued on along School Road before turning right along Hall Lane and then turning right along the Flempton Road.

What has also helped with the longer runs is drinking my own electrolyte drink before the run. For this run I just added a pinch of sea salt to a pint of squash and it seemed to help though it could simply be a placebo effect!

Since then it looks as if there many recipes for making your own sports drinks and ditching the expensive sports drinks you can buy such as Lucozade and Gatorade.

The recipe I am going to try first is this – One third cup of honey, 1 litre of water,and a pinch of sea salt . Many of the recipes suggest adding half a teaspoon of baking powder as well. Mix all the ingredients together and keep chilled. I will let you know after I have tested and tried this out a bit.

This was a good enjoyable run in Risby.

Risby Suffolk

In ducks, Lackford, poppies, risby, suffolk, wheat on June 19, 2009 at 6:02 pm

A Friday lunch time a break from work enabled me to do a ten miler out to the village of Risby near Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.

My 10 miles took 1hr 25 minutes 26 seconds which is an 8.31 average pace. This gives me 23 miles for the week and 88 miles for the month. I am certainly puttin gin the miles and have got used to my new Nike Air Pegasus 25 shoes. Having bought a pair in JJB Sports in Bury I saw the same shoes in Cambridge at Sportshoes Direct at Lionyard Walk for £20 less! Always frustrating to waste money but I have learnt lesson not to touch JJB Sports and I generally haven’t had cause to use it previously buying on the internet to find running gear.

There is a good waffle tread on these shoes which gives a good grip for off road running .

The weather was good, sunny but with a fair amount of cloud so the temperatures were not excessively warm for running. I ran out along the Newmarket Road , up Westley Road and immeadiately first leftpast the Crematorium. Close to Hyde Cottage the poppies are in full bloom.

In Risby I took this picture in the village centre presumably of a former pond? This is quite a large green area with a central hollow.

I followed a minor road known as the Lackford Lane which leads straight to the Bullock Lodge Farm. However before going that far I chose to follow a footpath off road which leads out to Risby Little Wood.

Here the fields are planted with wheat which is green unlike the barley which is on the point of turning yellow.

On my return back into Risby I was confronted by a young family of expectant ducks hoping for a meal .

I returned to Bury feling in good form . I checked my splits which were at 5 miles 43.17 and for the return I ran 42.08 a negative split always leaves you feeling good.

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Risby Suffolk

In Do Running, joejogger, Reebok, risby, suffolk on June 23, 2007 at 6:43 pm

4pm 7.5 miles in 58 mins 39 mins

Week to date mileage 126miles

Month to date mileage 114

Average weekly rate 30 miles

Average monthly rate 130

Year to date 738

Lifetime 10338

Left it a bit late in the day for a run but considering last nights race didn’t start to 7.45pm I think it is fair enough. I ran out along Westley Road and the Newmarket Road under the A14 and up past the Crematorium and out to Risby.

Left the camera behind but wished I had brought it as the hedgerows are absolutely beautiful. However feeling a little tired I enjoyed the run more than I thought I would.

I have ordered some new running shoes but this time from Do Running
instead of Joe Jogger mainly because i fancied a change from the Asics Gel GT 2110 I have worn for the last 1000 miles. The prices on Do Running compare well with Joe Jogger and they do throw in a free t shirt so worth a try I think . We will see how the delivery takes. I am going for a pair of Reebok Prem Ultra III’s which seem a bit on the bargain price size and time will tell if this is a false economy.

Risby Suffolk Circular Run

In risby, running, suffolk, westley on October 1, 2006 at 7:41 pm

1.30pm 9.3 miles in 1 hour 16 mins 04 secs

Week to date mileage 37

Month to date mileage 121

Average weekly rate 30.5

Average Monthly rate 133

Year to Date 1194

Life time 9214

I set out with the sky looking a lillte ominous although there was a mixture of sunshine and heavy clouds. I thought I just might get away with it but I was mistaken. Initially I set out to run to Ickworth Park but changed my mind fancying something different. I ran along by the River Linnett to Westley Bottom before coming back up hill on to the main road heading for the Saxhams.

This is a busy road at the best of times so when an opportunity to take a bridleway on the right near Crowswood Cottages presented itself I took it. This is a very quiet path some of it underneath trees but with views of open farmland for miles.

Eventually you come to a place called Warren Lodge and the path requires you to hurdle a fence and this takes you through someones back garden. This I wasn’t comfortable with simply not knowing if at any moment a pack of dogs might descend upon me but there was little choice.

At this point the sound of thunder began to rumble and I had to consider what to do carry on in the open or hide under trees. I presumed it safer to continue. I had reached a road which took me over the A14 at Risby arriving at Deer Cottages and I then ran past the antique centre Risby Barn.

At the village green near the war memorial I took a right past the vilage hall and headed back along the road past Hyde Cottages, the crematorium and into Bury running along Newmarket Road and back home. At Newmarket Road the road had becomes torrential and I was absolutley soaked my shirt sticking to me. The roads were flooded and I had to judge the puddles and on coming cars though an extra splash at this stage made no difference.

I never mind running in rain but I was a little concerned by the lightning and thunder but 40 minutes from home I had little choice but to run.

Hyde Wood Circular Run Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

In County Upper School, Hyde Wood, pheasants, pigs, risby, sugar beet on January 21, 2006 at 4:07 pm

10am 7 miles in 54.51

Week to Date mileage 23

Month to date mileage 98

Average weekly rate 32.7

Average Monthly rate 142

Weather: Sunny & cool

A lovely sunny day but still cold enough to require gloves and a hat along with tracksters and a sweatshirt. The route takes me from
County Upper School over to Howard Middle School and I then pick up a footpath which takes me over fields until I reach the Westley Road. This part of the run isn’t great as I run along side the busy B1106 until I turn sharp right on the road to Risby. As soon as you turn though the road is nice and quiet passing the Crematorium on the right and what can only be described as Pig World on the left. Hundreds of pigs were sunbathing and rolling around around in glorious mud. The next landmark is the lovely Hyde Cottage and it is just past here that you turn right again.

You soon reach Hyde Wood which is a
very square shaped wood. Before I reached it I could a lot of shooting going on. This wood is often used for pheasant shooting and today they were out in full force. I saw several pheasants make their escape as the guns blazed and I wondered if I should carry on thinking that it would only take one stray shot and I could say bye bye.However I spotted the shooters and they were some distance into the centre of Hyde Wood.

Eventually you leave the road beside the wood and emerge into a fairly lofty position looking down over miles
of landscape on the Hyde Road. The Sugar Beet factory could be seen in full production steamy smoke rising from its tower.

The Hyde Road leads into Fornham All Saints and from here I run back into town and the County Upper School.

Previous times on this course

19 Nov 54.09
22 Oct 52.44
17 Sep 52.20
16 Jul 53.43
11 Jun 53.25
21 May 54.26
9 Apr 55.31
22 Jan 55.15

So today’s run was rather slow but it was very enjoyable and that what matters.

Risby to Little Heath Suffolk

In Barrow, pheasants, rabbits, risby, suffolk on October 1, 2005 at 5:33 pm

10am 8.3 miles in 1hr 10 mins.

Year to date mileage 959

Month to date 8.3 miles

Average miles per month 106

Average weekly rate 24.5

Weather: Sunny blue skies nice breeze

Course: From Risby Village Hall I had the intention of running out to Barrow. I gave this up as the road runs close to the main A14 and there were to many lorries to make it comfortable.

Instead I retraced my steps and headed out on the Tuddenham road. I took a turning along the Lackford Road which was very quiet. I followed a footpath for a mile or so but this just took me back to the other side of Risby.

Again I retraced my steps and then continued along the Lackford Road. After a while the road turned into a dirt track which I followed across farm land. Apart from pheasants and rabbits I never saw a soul though the landscape around was absolutely wonderful and truly the heart and soul of Suffolk.