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Reydon Suffolk

In Reydon, suffolk on July 12, 2009 at 12:58 pm

A wet morning after overnight rains as I set off on a run with a new place for me to explore. What can be better than to run not knowing where you are going and what you might find? Far too often as a runner I know I opt to run on a regular route. It offers familiarity, a chance to compare previous times over the same course but at times it is good to spice it up a bit by running different courses or perhaps running a course the other way round for a change.

When running a new course in a place you have never been before it can work out really well as you stumble upon great views, woodland, hills, animals and fauna. Or you can run up blind cul de sacs and end up running in circles and totally miss an exciting footpath.My run to Reydon was a bit like the latter.

The name Reydon means Rye Hill , don being an old English name for hill. Reydon is inland from Southwold and tends to suffer in comparison as the poorer relation. I might be being a little unfair but I tended to just run past endless housing and some of the roads were just a bit to busy to try running on for any distance. However with house prices in Southwold being astronomical and bought up by millionaires and any new housing development being very limited it is Reydon which has new housing and an expanding population.

I ran out to the the local church St Margaret’s at Reydon.
I took my camera as usually and as I ran the weather improved and it stopped raining.

Many almshouses are proudly built and ensure the benevolence of its charitable founder is recorded and displayed for all to see and Matthews Almshouses at Reydon are typical of this.

My run was a slow one doing 7.1 miles in 1hr 3 mins 10 seconds.