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Fornham Circular Run Suffolk

In Fornham All Saints, Fornham Saint Martin, Fornham St Genevieve, Lark Valley Path, River Lark on January 14, 2006 at 11:17 am

8.15am 7.5 miles in 1 hour 5 seconds

Week to Date mileage 18

Month to date mileage 62

Average Monthly rate 135

Weather: Dry cool.

The course – head out of Bury on the Beetons Way past Tollgate and through the village of Fornham St Martin. Return to Bury through Fornham All Saints along the A11101 Mildenhall Road , back to Tollgate and return up Beetons Way hill and home.

A bit slow this morning but I didn’t set out to blow it hard and couldn’t have any way.

The 2 pictures show a typical Suffolk Pink Thatched house and the River Lark. You can follow a path nearby that takes you on the Lark Valley Path also

known as St Edmunds Way. The pathway takes you 13 miles over to Mildenhall .

My times over the Fornham course over the last year have been as follows

17 Dec 59.29
29 Oct 59.52
3 Oct 60.19
11 Sep 60.14
28 Aug 57.42
19 Aug 59.36
22 Jul 58.24
10 Jul 59.48
1 Jul 59.42
23 Jun 64.0
18 Jun 62.18
23 May 59.38
5 Apr 62.41
1 Apr 60.26
19 Mar 59.0
12 Mar 60.43
5 Mar 62.16
26 Feb 62.16
6 Feb 61 .23
28 Jan 61.02
16 Jan 61.14

So a pretty average performance today some way of my best back in August when I did a 57.42. How did I do that ? Then again how did I run a 64.o back in June thats over a 6 minute difference between my best and worst getting on for nearly a minute a mile difference.