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Ipswich Music Day 2009

In Ipswich Music Festival, Thee Vicars on July 6, 2009 at 5:41 pm

The downside of this years Ipswich Music Festival was the decision not to allow cars to park inside the park although you can understand the decision if this protects the grass in the park. However the event was again very enjoyable and the weather was good and we avoided any rain.

One of the bands to play at the Evening Star stage was Thee Vicars. One of the good things about watching a band at this early stage of their career is the knowledge that a band like Thee Vicars nine times out of ten will vanish and never make it beyond a little local exposure and playing the local scene (which some bands may be happy with ) or just occasionally a band will get what is often a lucky break and achieve national or world wide aclaim.

Who knows what will happen with Thee Vicars but clearly they have image with some reminders of the Beatles and The Jam in what they wear and there enthusium on stage.

Though the music is quite distinctive being a throw back to American garage rock from the 60’s. American bands such as the Sonics, The Seeds and the Kingsmen are largely unknown today certainly by 99% of the population and you don’t here garage music on the radio so credit to Thee Vicars for playing what they like and just maybe there can be a Suffolk Garage Band Scene! When the Clash played in Bury St Edmunds they said we’re a garage band so Thee Vicars are in good company.

Certainly a band to look out for and to go and watch if you see them tour in your area.

Unfortunately they were’t blessed with the best stage at the Ipswich Music Festival as several of the bands playing here seemed to have problems with the initial sound checks and set up. Bands playing at the the 102 FM and CRM stage seemed to fair better with sound quality.

That said Thee Vicars did there best and generated some atmosphere for a crowd several hundred strong that was largely sat on the grassy embankment surrounding the stage.

Ipswich Music Day 2009

In Dancer, Ipswich Music Festival, Micael Jackson on July 5, 2009 at 7:39 pm

You are very lucky if you have stumbled upon this blog entry by chance. Here at no cost to you is possibly the greatest dancer in the world. Every year he puts in an appearance at the free Ipswich Music Festival and never fails to wow the crowds. By close observation you cannot help but notice the many adoring fans looking on at the great unique dance moves being performed. Always the greatest dancer is imitated and in this video you will see two boys try to imitate the worlds greatest dancer and to some extent they manage it but keeping up with the unique moves are frankly just impossible for any mere mortal.

The worlds greatest dancer was spotted in Ipswich at 12pm and was still going strong wowing the crowds at least until 5pm when I was beaten and I had to give up and leave but the worlds greatest dancer was still going strong.

If you haven’t been to Ipswich or Ipswich Christchurch Park then surely this video will make you think about it for 2010. Look out for the IPART festival at Christchurch Park in 2010 . The worlds greatest dancer has no inhibitions as frankly he doesn’t care what you think. With the passing of the great Michael Jackson surely this man in the video is now the worlds greatest dancer. What do you think?

More videos and photos from the great free music festival to follow

Ipswich Music Festival 2007

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Today was the 16th Ipswich Music Festival Day at Christchurch Park Ipswich. I think we have been visiting annually for about 5 years now and for a free festival it is a great day. Apart from a car park fee of £3 there is no cost.

There were I believe 6 stages and from 12pm to about 7pm live music of all types from acoustic,punk,rock,country,folk and jazz.

This year we decided to camp out at the Suffolk Radio Stage mainly I think because the line up of bands looked good, to hear the Sgt pepper album played by a copy band and to hear Stephen Foster. ( if there can be a radio DJ as good as John Peel then Stephen Foster is doing a pretty good job).

That said we still moved around some of the other stages as well.

At 12pm we saw the Caution Horses .

The singer Andy Heasman sounds uncannily like the lead singer from the Beautiful South Paul Heaton. We were just discussing this when Andy Heasman mentioned this himself. I don’t know if he always drops this in but there is no need to mention it really. They were good and we were almost tempted to buy their album Accidental Music. I don’t think we did partly because they were first act on and they rushed off fairly quickly. There was only a small crowd for them and it must be a bit disappointing having to go on first knowing this.

Next on were Mohawk

who went down very well with the crowd as the numbers built up even to the point of their being a bit of a mosh at the end. A 3 piece band from Felixstowe they were a good rock band all of them entertaining. Well worth watching and loud!

I popped off for a short while just to catch Smokin Hogs on the SGR FM stage. They are a rhythm and blues band and looked good but just need a bit more stage presence to grab the crowd attention.

By this point the rest of the family had popped into Ipswich Town centre for some shopping so I was routed with the bags and chairs at the Suffolk Radio Stage. next on were The Giants not really my cup of tea but obviously a lot of talent and a good singer.

Next on were Words and Music a two piece who had been built up by Stephen Foster and Suffolk Radio as the star attraction on their stage for the day as they were playing the Beatles album St Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have to say I was disappointed mainly by the bands negative vibes and the patter between songs, maybe it was nerves but they gave the impression that they were just learning the tracks. There were lots of pauses while they waited for the recorded backing track with the instrumentals to kick in and it became a little unclear what they were playing and what was recorded almost like a karaoke . Probably a bit harsh as this set coincided with a heavy shower and recreating the Beatles sound is not easy.

At this point I decided on a switch of stage and down to the CSV stage which had on a band I have not seen before called Danger’s Close

Really enjoyed this band one of the highlights of the day for me. Rip roaring punk music when I saw the bands name in the gig guide I had hoped they were something like Penetration and had got their name from Danger Signs but clearly not. They play there own music and and you can tune in for a listen on their site on this link. My camera is not very good for videos but I had a go here but the camera couldn’t cope and pick up the sound very well at all. With apologies to the band I have included it anyway.

After this were the highlight of the day for me Red Flag 77 .

A really enjoyable band with a real spirit and interest in looking after their fans. Loved the football crazy song and the blow up footballs and the lovely big bottle of booze shared by Rikki Flag with the crowd. I have loaded the video but again sound quality is poor but gives you an idea of the crowd and the fun of the event. I am going to have a look to buy their cd’s .

Another good festival, if you haven’t been before then I suggest you consider going next year.

My Favourite CD’s – 8th in a Series- Jimmy Eat World

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Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Run

5.40pm 5.4 miles in43 minutes 13 seconds.

Year to date mileage 1128

Month to date 39 miles

Average miles per month 110

Average weekly rate 25.3

Weather: Mild and dry

Easy run tonight I had to remind myself once or twice to take it slowly as I am in in the Scenic Seven on Sunday at Stowmarket.

I listened to the Jimmy Eat World album Clarity on my mp3. I have to say this is one of my favourite cd’s but I have only picked up on this group this year following the Green Day gig at Milton Keynes in the summer. Jimmy Eat World were one of the support bands who I happened to meet and chat to.

This was one of the most memorable days of the year. I will remember the day for the baking heat, arriving really early and sitting around for 6 hours before the start totally exposed to the hot mid day sun drinking pint after pint of water which was readily available from security guards. As I had arrived early I got in the front mosh pit and it was here at the back of this enclosure that I met and chatted to Jimmy Eat World who were watching Green Day play. At the time I didn’t really know who they were until my son said you know that is Jim Adkins you just been talking to.

The only other time I have spoken to a band was when I arrived early and helped unload pa equipment for the group 999 at Colchester University and most memorable of all was when I saw the Ramones at Cambridge. I remember seeing the Ramones do a sound check and I don’t think Dee Dee was necesarily speaking to me but it felt like it when his amp packed in for some reason and he bawled in my direction ‘hey give us a break will ya’ in a wonderful New York accent enough to cut anyone down to size.

I know these memories are prettty meaningless but they are the sort of things you never forget. Like the time I met Trevor Brooking before an FAC Semi Final at Villa park and he politely took time out to sign an autograph. I believe this was the day of the Hillsbrough tragedy and I was at the other semi final between Everton and Norwich. Driving home from that midlands that day I thought football was finished and interest in attending games for a while waned.

Any way the Clarity album includes

01. Table For Glasses02. Lucky Denver Mint 03. Your New Aesthetic 04. Believe In What You Want 05. A Sunday 06. Crush 07. 12.23.95
08. Ten 09. Just Watch The Fireworks 10. For Me This Is Heaven 11. Blister 12. Clarity 13. Goodbye Sky Harbor

The Jimmy Eat World website is rather good and worth a visit