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Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Ickworth, Ickworth House, Ickworth Park, St Mary's Church on June 17, 2009 at 6:50 pm

7.5 miles in 1 hr 6 mins 53 seconds

In a break from work at lunch time I ran up to Ickworth Park from Bury St Edmunds. My plan being to seek out the cooler shade of Adkins Wood on a fairly warm day.

Running through Little Horringer Hall Farm up the hill past a large field of barley I was met by a group of cyclists coming at a fair lick down hill. The path being narrow they thankfully saw me and gave way just in time.

At one point I had contemplated jumping into the barley to avoid a collision.

This run is nearly all over fields but emerging from Little Horringer Hall Farm you do arrive on Westley Lane. There is little traffic but cars do tend to hurtle along this stretch and you have to be on guard because of the bends in teh road before you arrive in Horringer Village.

Once in the village you can quickly venture into Ickworth Park and turning immeadiately left you can explore Adkins Wood.

Still muddy in many places it was a case of running from side to side along the track and skipping over puddles but at times with no option just plonking straight into the mud.

This is a run with lakes to visit on route. The first lake is known as the Fairy Lake and is always quiet in fact I don’t think I have ever seen anyone there when I have run past.

Close to the fairly lake is a duckboard footpath. It was really good to see that this has all been replaced. The previous duckboard in this muddy section had disintegrated to the point where the remaining boards were removed last year. The new boards are nice and solid and there is no bounce as there was on the old timbers.

The next lake which is more well known to any visitor to the National Trust site at Ickworth is the Canal Lake.

In the photo you can see in the foreground a summer house , behind which there is a small vineyard which produces some fine qulaity English wine. St Mary’s Church at Ickworth has been derelict for many years but there is a sign there now to indicate that restoration works are now being undertaken by English Heritage. In the background on the right is Ickworth House.

I ran very slowly today not entirely sure why but this run is more about enjoying the sites and there is always something different to see. For instance today a large school party were enjoying a wildlife trip to the park with a packed lunch.

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Adkins Wood Circular Run Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Fairy Lake, Ickworth Park on November 4, 2007 at 7:27 pm

8.30am 7.7 miles in 1 hr 9 mins 42 seconds
Week to date mileage 35 miles
Month to date mileage 20

Average weekly rate 29.9 miles
Average monthly rate 130
Year to date 1317
Lifetime 10910

A run around beautiful Ickworth Park.

On a misty autumn morning there were several walkers with dogs taking a walk to see the autumnal colours and with recent winds the trees have dropped their leaves to form a colourful carpet in many parts of the park.

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Fairy Lake at Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Fairy Lake, Ickworth Park on October 18, 2007 at 6:32 pm

11.15pm 7.8 miles in 1 hr 14 mins 22 seconds
Week to date mileage 20 miles
Month to date mileage 64
Average weekly rate 30.4 miles
Average monthly rate 132
Year to date 1262
Lifetime 10855

What should have been a long run on my birthday turned out to be a very slow frustrating run as I struggled with my new injury. It is hard to run when you can feel a dull ache in your leg and are not sure whether further runs are causing more damage.

Frustration really as this time of year along with Spring are the best time for running the weather being wonderful. Also conscious of the clock change and the dark evenings so running in the daylight is precious valuable time.

Still I persisted and ran out to Ickworth park and as far as the Fairy Lake. I passed on the lovely soft pathway two sheep which has broken out of their field in search of better grazing, I slowed to a walk to pass them without scaring them too much. From whence they had come I am not sure as I couldn’t see the rest of their flock.

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Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk Circular Run

In Adkins Wood, Canal Lake, Fairy Lake, Ickworth Park on October 6, 2007 at 6:13 pm

8.15am 9 miles in 1hr 13 mins 44 seconds
Week to date mileage 28 miles
Month to date mileage 28
Average weekly rate 30.7 miles
Average monthly rate 134
Year to date 1225
Lifetime 10818

Adkins Wood is a lake and woodland run around Ickworth Park. Deer culling is in progress but thankfully no sign of this today. East Anglia seems to have a high population of deer compared to the rest of the country if the no of road accidents is anything to go by or maybe the driving leaves a lot to be desired in these parts.

On a damp morning the Fairy Lake and the Canal Lake were shrouded in mist. The pontoon bridge between them has been pulled up and stacked in broken sections. I had noted that the boards had become unstable in previous runs to the point of being uncertain whether you were going to put your foot straight through. Instead the ground is a bit damp in this wet area of undergrowth and tree cover next to a stream between the two lakes.

Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Ickworth Park on September 23, 2007 at 6:23 pm

9.15am 7 miles in 59 mins 17 seconds
Week to date mileage 40 miles
Month to date mileage 130
Average weekly rate 30.7 miles
Average monthly rate 134
Year to date 1168
Lifetime 10761

A really good week for me in terms of putting in the running mileage and I am getting closer to my original annual target of running 31 miles a week. Today I headed out to Ickworth park via Horringer Hall farm.

The farm looks trim and tidy with the oilseed rape long since harvested and the ground now ploughed and rolled.

In Ickworth park I headed right at the entrance following a well trodden pathway but found the way blocked off and fenced.

I had forgotten that the sheep have been moved from their summer pasture to this part of the park for the winter. After returning back to the entrance gates I climbed the stile into Adkins Wood and did a short lap of the woods before returning home.

Albana Walk Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Albana Walk, Bugs Bunny, found, Ickworth Park, lost, shoes on September 8, 2007 at 9:22 am

7.50am 8.6 miles in 1 hr 12 mins 45 seconds
Week to date mileage 24 miles
Month to date mileage 343
Average weekly rate 30.1 miles
Average monthly rate 131
Year to date 1080
Lifetime 10673

A lovely Saturday morning and I set off early for a run around Ickworth Park .The Albana Walk in Ickworth Park holds good memories for me and is a wonderful walk any time of year. The path is finely graveled and suitable for wheel chair access.

There is always wildlife a plenty to see here especially if you are an early bird . Today I saw two deer . There is always a moment where he deer is frozen still as it comprehends the threat and danger that you offer. Likewise hearing a sudden rustle in the undergrowth I usually am brought to a standstill before the deer shoot off into the wood or through a field. Less common are encounters with foxes and these are extra special.

Green woodpeckers are a regular site less common a site are the Great Spotted Woodpecker with its black,white and red markings .

However today I wasn’t disappointed and had two less common spots

Firstly a pair of shoes neatly placed on a pillar. Why? Whats the story to these ? Neatly placed perhaps someone didn’t have the heart to chuck in the bin and hopes that someone will take a fancy to them and try them on.

Second spot was a lost Bugs Bunny balloon .

A well inflated one at that so I would guess this might have been accidentally lost between fingers by some child in Bury Buttermarket.
The balloon has made its way up to Horringer and caught in the hedgerows upside down with its toothy grin – £3.50 down the drain and some parent cursing the purchase. Then again maybe there is an entirely different story these are the day dreams that make up a long distance run.

Once again let me have you songs with running or run in the title as I wan to compile a long list . What things have you recently found or spotted?

Crowswood Cottages Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Ickworth Park, St Leonards, St Mary's, suffolk on September 1, 2007 at 5:04 pm

7.50am 11 miles in 1 hr 33 mins 17 seconds
Week to date mileage 33 miles
Month to date mileage 11

Average weekly rate 30.1 miles
Average monthly rate 131
Year to date 1049
Lifetime 10642

The first day of September and the conditions were ideal for running. A bright morning dry no wind but mild. I decided on one of my favorite runs taking me into Ickworth Park.
Entering the park in Horringer with St Leonards Church to the right and the gatehouse lodge there is a wonderful park full of trees much of the design being by Capability Brown for the Hervey Family.

Passing by the redundant St Mary’s church it sets the mind thinking as to what this landscape would have looked like when there was a small settlement and villagers who lived here. The depopulation of Ickworth was presumably encouraged by the Herveys over time. From census records it doesn’t seem there was ever much more than 100 residents. Apparently there was approximately 15 or so properties close to St Mary’s Church with a square green.

Just past the church at the White Houses you have a choice of heading on to Chevington Village or you can follow the old coaching track out to Westley. I chose the latter the track way follows the course of the River Linnett.

There are pathways to take you through Twist Wood and Diary Wood and here there are plenty of sheep but continuing along the coach path this takes you to another White House and beyond this the New Warren area which is a wooded area and an uphill stretch out to the main road at Crowswood Cottages.

Rather than run back on the Westley Road which can get busy I turned and retraced my steps on the same route home.

Chevington Suffolk

In Chevington, Horringer, Ickworth Park on August 17, 2007 at 4:56 pm

1pm 11 miles in 1 hr 32 mins 11 secs
Week to date mileage 22 miles
Month to date mileage 77

Average weekly rate 30 miles
Average monthly rate 131
Year to date 983
Lifetime 10576

I parked the car at Horringer Post Office ca
r park besides St Leonards Church and headed into Ickworth park for my run. The park was busy with many visitors for the house and gardens. I ran past the National Trust lady in the hut collecting money from visitors in their cars.

Past Ickworth House and St Mary’s Church and the Canal lake before heading up hill besides the White House. The path takes you into Downters Wood before emerging at the Armswater Cottages. There is then a fairly long stretch of open countryside which was sufficiently quiet for me to spot a fox.

There is a fairly large farm on the edge of the village called Chevington Hall Farm. This is a moated farm and once stocked deer and was a favorite place for retiring abbots of St Edmund. I arrived into Chevington at the All Saints Church nearby.

Chevington is the village of Ceofa’s people (Ekwall) and I would estimate as being less than a 1000 inhabitants. At the time of Domesday it was recorded as being 33.

I headed firstly up the new Road as far as North Hill House before returning and then taking the Chedburgh road and running as far as Tan Office Green before returning back to Ickworth Park and Horringer.

Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Horringer Farm, Ickworth Park on August 11, 2007 at 7:40 pm

8am 7.3 miles in 1hr 0 mins 20 secs
Week to date mileage 25 miles
Month to date mileage 46

Average weekly rate 29.9 miles
Average monthly rate 130
Year to date 952

Lifetime 10545

A circular run around Adkins Wood at Ickwo
rth Park. This run takes me from Gainsborough field up via a pathway through Great Horringer Hall farm besides Westley Lane. Eventually you have to run on the road and this is ok although you have to watch for traffic on the bends.

Once you are in Horringer head into Ickworth park and immediately turn left over a stile and into Adkins Wood. This is a long strip of woodland which runs alongside the Chevington Road. There are good pathways with loads of options for detours to shorten or lengthen a run here. The pathways are good but wet and muddy in places.

If you run as far as the fairy lake then you know you are then in Lady Herveys Wood. However for this run I run a circular route around Adkins Wood and return by the same route home.

Downters Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Downters Wood, Ickworth Park, suffolk on July 7, 2007 at 1:06 pm

8.15am 10 miles in 1 hr 22 mins 48 seconds

Week to date mileage 21 miles

Month to date mileage 27

Average weekly rate 30 miles

Average monthly rate 130

Year to date 805

Lifetime 10398

A morning out and back run to Ickworth Park. I decided just to run out for 45 minutes and return. My route was through Horringer Farm and along Westley Lane and into Ickworth park.
I followed the main path to Ickworth House and then down to St Mary’s Church and then did a slight detour around the Canal lake.

I continued on a path way over a cattle grid and up hill to wards the edge of Chevington besides the Downters Wood.

Today I saw 2 other runners also having a go around the park. The weather is absolutely ideal for running at the moment being sunny but still cool and not close like many summer days.