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Gt Ashfield,Norton Little Green,Hunston and Langham Suffolk

In 385th bomb group, Gt Ashfield, Hunston, Langham, Norton Little Green, suffolk on September 21, 2007 at 8:00 pm

11.30am 9 miles in 1 hr 15 mins 12 seconds
Week to date mileage 22 miles
Month to date mileage 112
Average weekly rate 30.5 miles
Average monthly rate 132
Year to date 1150
Lifetime 10743

With a day off from work I drove out to Elmswell to pick up some chicken layer pellets from the good pet shop next to the railway station and did a detour on the way home to the village of Gt Ashfield. There is a straight north road leading from Elmswell and I parked up near by All Saints Church in Gt Ashfield.

Gt Ashfield was the home of the 385th bomb group during the 2nd world war and this is represented in the village sign. This is USAF group completed a total of 297 combat missions over France and Germany. The first combat mission took place on June 11, 1943 – and the final mission took place on May 2, 1945. The average life of a B-17 bomber at Great Ashfield was just over 4 months. The average Airman lasted 15 combat missions and few completed an entire tour of 25 missions.

Life must have been fairly tame in between missions for the airmen with little to do. Perhaps this was just what some of the airmen needed in between flights thou
gh a train into London from Stowmarket must have been tempting.

My run began by following the path near the church to a moat at Hall farm. There were plentiful supplies of blackberries in the hedgerows and this is the time to pick them. The path followed a circular route to Brown’s Wood and Schoolhouse Farm. I followed the path blindly hoping I was heading in the direction of Badwell Ash but it is only now that I see I was running in the opposite direction!

Emerging back on the Elmswell Road I decided to take the next turning that presented it self to anywhere so as to get of the main road. This was a sharp right and in due course I found myself in Norton Little Green which is a little hamlet about half a mile from
the main village of Norton. Here I spotted this fence which has accommodated a tree branch through one of its panels.

I again did a u-turn as my plan hadn’t been to visit places I have been before so I retraced my steps and took a minor road which lead to Hunston Green.

After a very quiet mile or so along the road I arrived in the village of Hunston. I last visited Hunston on my birthday last year on the 18th of October when for a treat I ran 11 miles!
Just off the main road through the Hunston there is a turning leading into another village I haven’t been to before called Langham. The meaning of the name is long settlement and I didn’t have time to really get into the village or visit the church so another visit will be required.
First impressions were good and I can see a return trip to include Badwell Ash. Instead not realising it would be quicker to return to Gt Ashfield via Badwell Ash I returned the way I came.

Norton, Hunston, Stowlangtoft Suffolk

In Hunston, Norton, Stowlangtoft on October 18, 2006 at 6:29 pm

9am 11 miles in 1 hour 32 mins 6 seconds

Week to date mileage 11

Month to date mileage 75

Average weekly rate 30.3

Average Monthly rate 132

Year to Date 1260

Life time 9280

For todays run I parked the car at the Dog at Norton. Norton is a village about 6 miles to the East of Bury St Edmunds close to the train line and the A14 about 2 miles from Thurston. The weather was misty with a drizzle and was not the greatest day for a long run.

I set of towards Rookery Farm before taking the pathway along Church Lane. Arriving at St Andrews Church my original plan had been to take a farm track past the Old Rectory across farm land direct to Stowlangtoft. However I soon went wrong and it is only after wards that I realise where I actually ran.

I ran to the right of St Andrews Church and so quickly emerged on the Ashfield Road. Here I turned left and quickly arrived at the small hamlet of Norton Little Green. Here there are 2-3 farms and many horses.

I soon picked up a left turn along a minor road which took me through the hamlet of Hunston Green. Keeping fairly straight along this road I arrived at a beatiful village called Hunston. From here I had a difficult choice either to carry on to Badwell Ash, visit Langham or keep along the main road to Stowlangtoft. I chose the latter as the weather wasn’t great.

On reaching Stowlangtoft after 45 minutes of running I decided the church of St George would be the end of my venture and my returning point. It was a pitty the weather wasn’t great as it prevented me seeing the surroundings to their best effect but there is no doubt this is a beautiful area.

I returned by the same route arriving back a little quicker and having time to venture a little through Norton on the Ickworth Road.