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Hadleigh 10

In Cineworld, Hadleigh, Hadleigh 10, Hadleigh Utd, Harry Potter, Shelley, Steve Ovett, Subway on November 27, 2005 at 7:26 pm

11am 10 miles in 1 hour 17 minutes 23 seconds .

Year to date mileage 1191

Month to date 102 miles

Average miles per month 110

Average weekly rate 25.2

Weather:Cool, sunshine and showers

Well done Hadleigh Hares for putting on a well organised event. This was a lovely course with plenty of undulations. The first four miles saw a lot of climbs but equally in the last four miles there were plenty of down hill sections near the beautiful village of Shelley.

There seemed to be a very good turn out despite the weather being a touch cold and wet at the start. I parked in the centre of Town and walked down over the medieval three arch bridge over the River Brett see photo above. I am sure several people must have painted this bridge as it is just stunning.

The start was from the Hadleigh United Football Ground not a ground I have ever visited before although I have seen Bury Town play at many venues.

Main decision before the start of the race was what to wear. I decided to keep my thermal long sleeve Steve Ovett top on with the St Edmunds Pacers Vest over the top, shorts and to wear gloves. I always find my hands suffer the most in cold weather. Once into the race I think I could have done with out the thermal top .

The first four miles seemed to contain 2-3 up hill sections.The roads were very wet and in 1 or 2 places the road turned into a puddle to run through. I am not sure if I set of a little to quick but I felt a bit rough between 2-3 miles. This might have been something to do with the toasted foot long sandwich I had from Subway last night after watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the new Cineworld in Bury. My confidence was seeping a little with so many runners passing me and what with the cold and the drizzle I began to think what am I doing here? My first mile was run in 7.25 and the second mile in 7.40.

However I began to settle into a rhythm and by the drinks station at mile 5, I was feeling good and started to push on. My time at half way was 38.28. No one was passing me any more, mind you I don’t think I passed very many myself.

At around mile 7 there was a long downhill section which at the time was quite enjoyable. However come the bottom of the hill you turned a corner into a bit of a breeze and suddenly I was feeling a little tired and knowing that there was still 2.5 miles to go. Going downhill is every bit as disruptive to the system as going up hill.

The finish was back at the Hadleigh Football Club. Finishers received a rather nice woolen hat with a hare on the front. Like it and will wear this for running to be sure.

I was pleased with my time which was a pb since I started running again. Mind you I have only one other10 mile race to compare it with which was the Tarpley 10 which I ran in 1 hr 18.25. Today I ran 1 hr 17.23 over I think a tougher course and harder conditions so a slight improvement.

Glad I came to Hadleigh it looks a very interesting town and I will definitely be back to take a visit and wander around the streets and the river.

I will be posting many more photos from today’s run on my flickr site as soon as I can up load them.