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Training for the Ipswich Half marathon on 30 Aug 09

In Half Marathon, Ipswich Half Marathon, Training Schedule on July 7, 2009 at 7:46 pm

I don’t think I have followed a training schedule for many years. Mainly because it can set you for a fall as unless your time is your own you are likely to miss some sessions. Once you miss a session you then feel you need to play catch up and add in extra runs or longer distances.

However I am going to give this Bruce Tulloh (Runners World) schedule a go as the discipline of set sessions might be just what I need to kick start some improvement in my running times which have been slow and getting slower.

I have adapted slighhty to suit my needs. Firstly I only have 8 weeks so I am 2 weeks short of the 10 week plan suggested by Tulloh. However I do have a good mileage base as I have generally been running 30 miles a week all year.

This plan peaks around 40 miles a week. Not a huge increase in mileage compared to what I am already doing but I have tried to include 2-3 quality sessions each week. The cornerstone being a long run which increases gradually each week.

I don’t know the course at Ipswich but I assume there will be hills and I am hopeless at them. Everyone comes past me going up them, though I tend to pass the same people when going down the hill. So I am including some hill training as part of the quality trining sessions.

Now that the West Suffolk Athletics Track has reopened with the track having been relaid I will include a number of interval track sessions.

This said I am sure I will have problems keeping to this schedule – best laid plans an all ……

Total Miles
Jul 6
hill reps
Warm up, then 16 x 60 secs fast, 60 secs slow
Warm down
Rest 10M slow
Warm up, then 4 x 3 mins, with 3-min recovery jogs 7-8M slow


Jul 13
4M easy 6M,
Repetitions: 4 x 3 mins fast, with 2-min recoveries 5M easy Rest 1M jog, then 5M fairly fast, then 1M jog 10M


Jul 20
5M easy, off
6M, starting slow, finishing faster 3 x 5 mins fast, with 5-min jog recoveries 5M easy, inc 6 x 150m fast strides Rest
2M slow, then 1M fast, then 2M slow 10M


Jul 27
5M easy Rest 5M, inc 16 x 1 min fast, 1 min slow 6M easy Rest
1M easy, then 4-5M fairly fast, then 1M jog 11M steady


Aug 3

5M easy, off
Rest 8M, fairly fast 4M easy Rest or 3M jog 4M on grass, inc 6 x 200m strides 11M


Aug 10
5M easy, off
3 x 1M (or 3 x 5 mins), with 5-min recoveries 5M easy Rest
6-7M, inc 10 x 30 secs fast, 30 secs slow 10-12M steady


Aug 17
5M easy 5M,
16 x 1 min fast, 1 min slow
Warm up, then 2 x 2M (approx), timed, at threshold pace 5-6M easy Rest
1M easy, then 4-5M fairly fast, then 1M jog 10M steady


Aug 24
5M easy 6-7M at a comfortable pace Warm up, then 2M at race pace, then 2M jog 5M easy, inc 6 x 30 secs fast Rest 3M, in race kit Ipswich Half Marathon


Anyone else training for a half and can recomend a schedule that worked for them ?

Felixstowe Half Marathon 30th September 2007

In Felixstowe, Half Marathon, race, suffolk on September 30, 2007 at 4:39 pm

11am 13.1 miles in 1 hr 44 mins 46 seconds
Week to date mileage 30 miles
Month to date mileage 160
Average weekly rate 30.7 miles
Average monthly rate 133
Year to date 1197
Lifetime 10790

I rate the Felixstowe Half Marathon as the best road race on the Suffolk calender. It has everything great marshaling , crowd support and an easy to find headquarters for the start of the race. Add to this a seaside promenade with plenty of entertainment for any family and friends who might accompany you to a race. Then offer a course that offers a mix of rural countryside, town centre and 1-2 hills then you have the ingredients for a great race which this event has and no wonder there was no opportunity for late race entries – you need to book in advance!

The weather was a repeat of the previous year with good sunshine but with an autumn feel.

Last year I managed a time of 1.46 .19 so this was my target to try and beat this . I decided to start at a much more gentle pace at the beginning and it took some time to reach the start line hence a difference in my official finishing time of 1.45 and my watch time of 1.44.46.

My mile times that I remembered to record went like this :

Mile 1 7.50
Mile 2 7.38
Mile 3 7.50
Mile 4 7.54
Mile 7 8.24
Mile 9 7.58
Mile 11 8.32
Mile 12 8.06
Mile 13 8.58

Clearly I slowed on the 2nd lap but unlike last year my legs didn’t stiffen up to the point of feeling that I was just putting one foot in front of the other.

Once again Felixstowe TV were present and you can watch a video of the event which is fairly unique among events in Suffolk as far as I am aware. Well done Felixstowe Road Runners!

I will load many others photos of this event on my flickr site when time permits.

Felixstowe Half Marathon

In Felixstowe, Half Marathon, race, suffolk on October 8, 2006 at 3:05 pm

11am 13.1 miles in 1 hour 46mins 16 seconds

Week to date mileage 24

Month to date mileage 33

Average weekly rate 30.3

Average Monthly rate 132

Year to Date 1218

Life time 9238

Today I travelled down to the Suffolk coast to take part in the Felixstowe Half Marathon. I was feeling far from confident based on recent training but thought I would give this race a try having never run here before.

There was plenty of parking at the seafront carparks and having arrived early there was time to venture along the beach before the race. The headquarters for the race was the sports centre and brisk business was being done on the late race entries, the weather being so good sunny warm and dry.

This course is 2 laps with plenty of contrast starting along the coast and promenade before venturing up hill in to more rural countryside before returning into town and downhill back to the seafront. Talking to runners I had been warned about a sharp hill which obviously being a 2 lap course you need to run up twice. However whilst there is a hill it really isn’t that steep and on the first lap I was still waiting for the steep hill when we reached the end of the first lap.

Along the promenade you have the advantage of a very well supported crowd of spectators lining the walls on both sides shouting encouragement. The race also boasts 2 comperes who entertained the crowd with their unique sense of humour. Dressed as hooray henries or spivs they kept a conversation going with the crowd at the start.

The good weather encouraged a record entry for this race of 456 and in good warm sunshine the race set of at 11am. I felt good for the first few miles of this race. My aim being to beat my time I ran at the Norwich Half Marathon in June of 1.49.03. My plan was to make sure every mile I ran was under 8 minutes and then to see how I felt later in the race as to whether I could push on.

My splits for the race were as follows

Mile 1 7.23
Mile 2 7.32
Mile 3 7.50
Mile 4 8.00
Mile 5 7.57
Mile 6 7.42
Mile 7 7.38
Mile 8 8.25
Mile 9 8.13
Mile 10 8.19
Mile 11 9.15
Mile 12 8.38
Mile 13 8.17
Mile .1 1.00
Total 1 .46.16

As can be seen my plan worked up to 8 miles when my times started to slip badly and I began to be passed by a good number of runners. My legs felt like lead and I had a real lack of energy, my feet were burning (must look at getting some better socks) and my concentration went and rather than concentrate on the runner in front I was thinking of the finish. I supose mile 8 is rougthly where you encounter the hill on the 2nd lap. However there are plenty of downhills after this but I just didn’t have the energy to pick up the pace.

My finishing time was better than Norwich by nearly 3 minutes but considering the heat I think my time at the Norfolk race was a bigger achievement.

This was a well organised race and a credit to Felixstowe Road Runners. I will certainly return again to have another bash at this course. It makes a good day out especially when you are as lucky as we were with the weather.

I finised 161st out of the 402 finishers,the winner running 1.12.57. There is a video of the race which you can watch at Felixstowe TV.