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Gt Saxham and Barrow Suffolk

In Barrow, Gt Saxham on February 6, 2007 at 6:50 pm

1.pm 7.5 miles in 1 hr 1 mins 48 secs

Week to date mileage 7.5 miles

Month to date mileage 35

Average weekly rate 33.9 miles

Average monthly rate 143

Year to date 174

Lifetime 9767

After my recent run to Little Saxham I decided to visit her near neighbour Gt Saxham. I traveled out by car and went through Lt Saxham and took the Barrow road. Practically the next turning left takes you up hill to the village of Gt Saxham. I parked in woodland known as the Park just before you reach the church.

century so in 300 years theGt Saxham is named as the village of the Saxons. It is a small scattered village along a minor road which is surrounded by parkland. Population records show little change from 1674 when there were 17 inhabited houses , 52 in 1851 and 68 in 1981. I read somewhere that the average household would have been around 5 in the 17th/18th century but this dropped in the 19th population has grown from around 100 to 250.
I started my run from the church of St Andrews which has a commanding position in the centre of the village opposite the Gt Saxham Hall. As so often around these parts the grounds were designed by Capability Brown. Today the entrance through a small gate into a small woodland was covered in snowdrops.

I set off on my run through the Park an area of woodland which proved to be extremely wet and rutted. The path evidently well used was ankle deep in mud and more like a paddy field. However I was soon through it and continued past Lower farm. Here the ground begins to rise and I was able to look back at the Park woodland.

Faced with a choice of paths I rather lost the plot and decided to keep straight rather than turn left which I should have done to take me around the Hearse Wood. Instead carrying on I passed the Wilsummer Wood and I recognised the path I had run last year as being the one to take me into the village of Barrow.

I decided to run through Barrow and take the main road back to Gt Saxham. After the village green and opposite the pub almost is this unusual house.

I was able to run along pathway for some distance but found the road quiet and I was able to run along the road side without problem.

I turned back into Gt Saxham at Twite’s Corner and ran past St Andrews Church and on to a small hamlet called Frizzelers Green and then Cob’s Hall and on to the main road to Chevington at Potash Cottages. I turned back to the car i the bright but cold sunlight.