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Sports MP3 Player for Running

In Gt North Run, mobi blue, MP 3, Saint Edmund Pacers, Tarpley 10 on September 23, 2005 at 6:14 pm

If you were fortunate and had a little dosh to spend what mp3 player would you buy for running? I had a mobi blue dah can’t remember the model name. This went well for just over a year until just out of warranty when the start button got stuck and it died.

I would like an MP3 player which can play either mp3’s or wma files. Obviously it needs to be skip proof and robust enough to survive the stresses that a runner will put it to.

Any thoughts?

5.30pm 4 miles in 32 .11 mins

Year to date mileage 922

Month to date 112 miles

Average miles per month 105

Average weekly rate 24.3

Weather wet under foot but bright

Course: Westley Road and Risbygate Steet circular run. A slow easy run to conclude a week in which I have run just 24 miles in an effort to prepare for a 10 mile race I am doing on sunday at Beyton.

As this is my first race since February 2004 it is hard to say how this will go. It would have better to have found a 10k but I guess training is fairly similar for both events.

Completing the race will be first target after which I hope to get round in under 1.25. The course is described as undulating so I suppose my time depends on how many hills there are and whether I go off a little to quick. The tarpley 10 is a brand new race organised by St Edmunds Pacers so I hope they get good numbers attending and the race is repeated annually.

Talking of races the Gt North Run last Sunday attracted a lot of publicity because unfortunately 4 men died during the race. Previously there had been 8 deaths in the previous 24 years of this race. The weather was very warm on the day. I noticed this was immediately seized upon by a number of folks in the media and by politicians and there was a bit of an anti running back lash. I got a bit of this all done in jest when I ran last Monday. As soon as they saw more a group of young lads started pretending to choke and drop down dead! Not in very good taste.