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The Commitments at Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

In Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, Greene King, Roddy Doyle, The Commitments on May 25, 2007 at 10:49 pm

I must say that over the years we have not had much success when we have chosen to attend the Bury Festival to watch live music in the Abbey Gardens. I think there has been 2 years of complete wash outs and 1 year when having bought 4 tickets we turned up the night after the performance.

We have had some successes when we managed to turn up on the right night for cover bands for the Blues Brothers,Madness and Abba.

Tonight the rain held off and we saw The Commitments. I first read the book some years ago along with a no of other Roddy Doyle stories such as the Van, The Snapper . More recently I have read the A Star called Henry and Play the Thing based on the adventures on one Henry Smart.

Some time ago I picked up the Commitments CD for £3 in an HMV Sale and more recently the dvd of the film. So going to watch the band completes the set although from the characters in the film only 2 were actually playing in the band namely the lead guitarist Ken McCluskey (the Meatman in the film) and the drummer Dick Massey (The Animal in the film). Some what odd all round really watching a band from a fictional book playing live!

The film was based on a bunch of Dublin teenagers trying to make it good by forming a soul band in Ireland playing Motown standards.

When we arrived there was a small space at the front of the stage but the rest of the spectator area was filled with chairs, picnics and tartan blankets. The Greene King tent was our first port of call with a pint of Speckled Hen until we realised the IPA was on special offer at £2 a pint.

There was a low key start to the Commitments as every body sat and watched and politely applauded In the Midnight Hour. It took abut 20 minutes before some dancing commenced and once the front of the stage was invaded with dancers the whole atmosphere and enjoyment of the evening was improved 10 fold.

At the interval I overheard 1-2 complaints from folk grimly keeping to their sits and bemoaning the audacity of people standing in front of them and dancing!

The band ran through a number of classic soul standards such as Take me to the River, Try a little Tenderness, Mustang Sally, Chain of Fools and Wrong End of the Street.

The second half needed little crowd encouragement for dancing singing and encores . A really good evening – Bury could really do with a large music venue. The Commitments could have done with a support act just to warm the crowd up.

Favourite Beer!

In Abbot Ale, beer, Greene King, River Lark, Water Meadows on September 19, 2005 at 6:41 pm

River Lark and Water Meadows Run

6pm 7.2 miles in 56.42 Year to date mileage 912

Month to date 106 miles Average miles per month 106

Average weekly rate 24.4

Weather bright and sunny.

Course:Head out through the water meadows and then turn left at Bury Rugby Club . Follow the path through No Mans Meadow which is at the back of the Abbey Gardens returning to Southgate Bridge and then returning over the meadows for a 2nd lap.

Return home up Southgate Street past the Police Station and through the Abbey Gardens graveyard then through town centre and home.Ran this course in a new pb time.

I was generally running this course in 1 hour back in June so I may have improved a little though it was warmer of course.

One of the great things about living in Bury is the smells of the Town. I suppose it brings back memories from childhood. Today they were definitely brewing at Greene King and the lovely malty smell of what I imagined to be Abbot Ale floated on the breeze giving all passers by an intoxicating whiff of one of the great beers of this country.

Send me an e-mail and let me know your favourite beer I would have to say my favourites are

Moreton Hall , Flying Fortress and the Town Centre

In Flying Fortress, Greene King, Moreton Hall, National Cycle Network on August 13, 2005 at 11:28 am

7.45am 10 miles in Ihr 24 mins

Year to date mileage 743

Month to date 63 miles

Average miles per week this year 23.1

Average per month 100

Weather: Overcast & dry.

Course: Around the centre of town down Whiting Street past the Greene King Brewery then headed out towards Moreton Hall. Moreton Hall is the new Housing development which is stretching the boundary of Bury St Edmunds ever further out towards Thurston on the eastern boundary. You can get totally lost around the new housing on Moreton Hall which is springing up. I went as far as the pub known as the Flying Fortress where a new sign has appeared.

The new sign refers to the National Cycle Network and is known as the Millennium Milepost. It is one of many cycle signs going up around the country creating 10,000 miles of cycle routes. The section in Bury is part of the National Cycle Route 51, between Felixstowe and Cambridge.

Above you see a couple of pictures from the entrance of the Greene King Brewery. If you grow up in Bury St Edmunds one of the great smells of the Town is from the Greene King Brewery. If the wind is in the right direction you get a lovely seet bitter smell.

Greene King has been in the Town since 1799. In recent years it has been expanding acquiring Moreland Brewery and Ridleys.

Some of the great beers from Greene King include Abbot Ale . IPA, Old Speckled Hen and Ruddles County.

Abbot Ale is the company’s flagship beer and has brewed in Bury since the 1950’s.

You can take a guided tour of the brewery and see many of the art deco features from the mash tub room built in the 1930’s.