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Tuddenham St Mary and Cavenham Heath Suffolk

In Cavenham, Tuddenham St Mary on January 26, 2007 at 6:48 pm

1 pm 9 miles in 1 hr 15mins 36 seconds

Week to date mileage 21 miles

Month to date mileage 121

Average weekly rate 32.6 miles

Average monthly rate 142

Year to date 121

Lifetime 9714

During my lunch break from work I drove over to the village of Tuddenham St Mary in Suffolk. This is a small village about 4 miles from Mildenhall and 9 miles North West of Bury St Edmunds. The name Tuddenham dates back to AD854 and is derived from the Anglo Saxon ‘Tudda’s Home’.

I parked outside St Mary’s Church which originally dates from the 14th century but has had a major restoration in the 19th century to replace the roof amongst other things.

On the village green there is a war memorial to the men of the RAF who flew from the local airfields. I ran through the village before picking up a footpath sign to take me out to Cavenham Heath. If you decide to visit and I really recommend it you can park at the nature reserve.
This reserve has international importance and is designated an area of special scientific interest.

I set of to follow the Heathland Path which is 1 of the 3 walking paths that can be followed. What I noticed immediately was the complete silence apart from the wind and a few birds. The landscape is one of very open heathland which is often covered with heather.

You can tell you are truly in the Brecklands by the light sandy soil which is difficult to run on as there is a lot of give. Near the car park the woodland trail takes you through a very different landscape of birch trees where there were many sheep grazing.

When I reached the River Lark I did a detour and did a lap of the Wetland trail which turned out to be so aptly named. If you decide to walk this you need wellington boots as in parts it is a true water meadow and you will be wading though water. Great fun but a bit chilly on a cold day to have wet feet.

Lackford, Suffolk

In Bill Oddie, Cavenham, Lackford, St Laurence, suffolk on November 26, 2005 at 12:43 pm

10am 4 miles in 33 minutes.

Year to date mileage 1181

Month to date 92 miles

Average miles per month 109

Average weekly rate 25.0

Weather:Cool, sunshine and showers

Lackford is about 6 miles from Bury St Edmunds out on the Mildenhall Road. I parked up on a side road in a fairly modern housing development. I set of on my run towards the church. The church of St Laurence is really quite impressive the tower dates from 1350 so there is nearly 700 years of history here.

I followed a footpath sign which took me along the back of the modern housing development before this ended back on the main Mildenhall Road. So I crossed over and headed along the road towards Cavenham. I quickly spotted another footpath which was very muddy across farm land owned by Lackford Estates. I was tempted to climb up a small mound to see what was on the over side . It turned out to be a man made lake or reservoirs presumably for water storage for the farm. I returned on the same route back to the car.

I suppose Lackford is now most well known for its Lakes which were established on old gravel workings next to the River Lark. It has been popularised by support from Bill Oddie a well known ornithologist and former member of the Goodies. It is a great place to see all kinds of birds but particularly the kingfisher.

Suffolk’s Pride

But come, my county, let me build thy claim Upon a base of more enduring fame, that thou hast earn’d thyself by art and toil. First Honours in the culture of the soil That prime of occupations and the best , Ordain’d divinely and divinely blest, That peaceful life which Patriarchs employ’d, Which Kings have lov’d and more than Kings enjoy’d. Here SUFFOLK, is thy theme for glory – here For honorable pride the lawful sphere. Then rest your fame, friends on your faithful ploughs, For here the staff of life abundant grows, And blesses him that reaps and him that sows.

Robert Hughman, extract from Suffolk.