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Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Bury 20, Ickworth Park, suffolk on December 4, 2005 at 3:33 pm

10am 12 miles in 1 hour 37 minutes 30 seconds .

Year to date mileage 1215

Month to date 18 miles

Average miles per month 109

Average weekly rate 25.2

Weather: Dry, sunny.

My longest run of the year was in Ickworth Park. Conditions were perfect, winter sunshine. It was busy at Ickworth Park as the new refurbished West Wing of the house opened yesterday.

My usual run around Ickworth Park was blocked by a new sheep electric fence. I was forced to double back on myself although I did think for a second about leaping over to carry on.

My intention is to continue with similar long runs throughout winter. I am half thinking of running the Bury 20 in February and will need to build up the mileage and long runs if I am to have any chance of doing this race.