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Bungay 20k – 2007

In Bungay on February 18, 2007 at 8:01 pm

11am 20km in 1hr 39 mins 19 secs

Week to date mileage 28 miles

Month to date mileage 70

Average weekly rate 29.8 miles

Average monthly rate 130

Year to date 209

Lifetime 9802

Bungay is an interesting historical Suffolk market town close to the Norfolk border. Familiar to me as the home of Steve Earl Football Programmes.

Bungay has a very active running club putting on arguably the best road races in the Suffolk race calender.The Black Dog Running Club has an excellent web site where you can find out much more.

I entered todays race not feeling very confident after recent poor training times. The weather was fairly good although a little breezy. There seemed to be a very good entry for the 20k race and it was afterwards confirmed that there were 630 entries.

As the race was marked every kilometre the split times seemed to be constantly passing. I recorded the following times

1km 4.47
2km 9.32 km split 4.45
3km 14.20 4.48
4km 18.54 4.34
5km 23.32 4.38
6km 28.08 4.32
7km 33.01 4.53
8km 37.52 4.51
9km 42.36 4.44
10km 47.31 4.55
11km 52.21 4.50
12km 57.21 5
13km 1.02.20 4.59
14km 1.07.42 5.22
15km 1.12.32 4.50
16km 1.17.45 5.13
17km 1.23.04 5.19
18km 1.28.22 5.18
19km 1.33.50 5.28
20km 1.39.19 5.29

I clearly faded in this race from the half way point. I was happy with my time at half way of 47.31 for 10k which was the sort of time I was racing last year but once again as in my training my legs seemed to seize up and I lacked any real energy and I began to tread water as runners started to pass me. The real slow down occurred on the final 5km but there was nothing I could do but to just to run through to the finish.

The race orgnisation is excellent and the soup at the finish was very welcome. A goodie bag contained an Elgood’s Brewery Beer, pity it is not still sponsored by the local St Peters Brewery with their distinctive oval shaped bottled beers. Nevertheless it was a good bottle of beer.

I will be back again for another crack at this. I don’t recall running this distance before which if you insist in converting back to miles is around 12.4 miles. The course is generally flat though there are 2-3 sharp hills at the beginning and finish of the race.

As usual I have many photos of the race which I am steadily loading on to my flickr site which you can view at the link here or on the left hand column of this page where you see the rotating photos.