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Bridgnorth Shropshire

In Bridgnorth, Bridgnorth Castle Railway, Civil War on July 23, 2007 at 10:47 am

Bridgnorth is a lovely town in Shropshire which we spent a half day to visit the museum, castle remains and the funicular railway.

Bridgnorth has claim to having the only remaining electric cable railway line in England. It survives no doubt because of the steep climb to get from the high town area to the low town area of Bridgnorth. There are several pathways but for 90p you can get a return journey to save the legs a climb of some 111 feet and 200 steps.

There are some great views of the River Severn and Shropshire from the castle park area but unfortunately not a lot is left of the castle which was blown up by the roundheads during the civil war to prevent the royalists re taking it and controlling the town.