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Abbey Gardens and Moreton Hall Bury St Edmunds

In Abbey Gardens, Ashes, Australia, Bury St Edmunds, Cricket, Moreton Hall on September 12, 2005 at 7:06 pm

6pm 6.2 miles in 51min 48 seconds.

Year to date mileage 884

Month to date 74 miles

Average miles per month 105

Average weekly rate 24.3

Weather: Sunny bright blue sky.

Course : Ran from the town centre through the Abbey Gardens graveyard and along by the River Lark heading up to Moreton Hall . Returned on the same path.

Ran with a smile on my face after listening to Englands victory in the cricket over Australia to win back the ashes after 18 years. Many are saying that this has been one of the greatest series of test matches in living memory. Football can learn a lot after the shameful scenes in the England v Northern Ireland match involving the petulance and bad sportsmanship of Wayne Rooney. Look at how Shane Warne ran 30 yards to shake hands with Kevin Pietersen after he had scored 150 to ensure England would win the ashes. Rooney’s reaction to a bad foul was to abuse his captain, abuse the referee and commit a further bad challenge for which many would have expected a sending off.

Cricket has done a lot to enhance its reputation this summer with a successful ashes series and very popular 20 over games. Whilst I would still choose Football as my number one sport many fans are becoming disillusioned with the current format of the Premier League which really means only 3-4 teams have a serious chance of winning the league. This is shown by a drop in numbers and empty seats at many games this year. Perhaps this will pick up now the cricket has finished ?

Ran comfortably though have a bit of a bruised big toe at the moment.

Sicklesmere Suffolk

In Australia, Bury gaol, Rushbrooke Arms, Sicklesmere, suffolk, Tarpley 10, William Corder on September 10, 2005 at 12:53 pm

8.30am 10 miles in 1hr 22 11 seconds.

Year to date mileage 870

Month to date 61 miles

Average miles per month 105

Average weekly rate 24.1

Weather: Rain but feeling close.

Course: From town centre through the water meadows and out onto the A134 road to Sudbury. There is a good pathway for about 3 miles although it is besides an A road so this does mean plenty of traffic. When the pathway finishes return by the same route. I have measured in the car so I am pretty sure this is a 5 mile out and back course.

I reached the halfway point in 41.20 and returned in 40.51. I felt comfortable all the way round and I am happy that this gives me an idea of what I can aim to run in the Tarpley 10 which is on Sunday 25 September at Beyton Middle School, Beyton near Bury St Edmunds.

On the run you pass the Rushbrooke Arms (see photo above) a popular pub but inappropriately named bearing in mind it is not actually in the village of Rushbrooke. The pub used to be named as the Sicklesmere Wagon and I can understand that but not sure why anyone would call it the Rushbrooke Arms?

The strange off centre picture is of the old Bury Gaol. Just outside this gaol on a nearby meadow William Corder was hanged for the murder of Maria Marten, in 1828 – the notorious Red Barn murder. A crowd of some 10,000 people watched.

The gaol was built on the radiating principle, and is surrounded by a wall twenty feet high, enclosing an octagonal area. The keeper’s house, which is an octagon stood in the centre and was elevated above the rest so that that from the windows the keeper could watch the whole building. In the centre of his house was a chapel, divided off into numerous partitions, so that the different classes into which the prisoners were divided and subdivided were kept separate so that prisoners could not see each other.

The Bury and Norfolk Post the local newspaper of the 19th century is full of stories of people committed to Bury Gaol such as :

In 1835 Thomas Scarfe and Robert Kittle charged with ravishing Sarah Philips a single woman
of Milding , Samuel Seeley charged with stealing a great coat from William Humm at Glemsford, Thomas Humphrey charged with stealing a skep of bees belonging to William Theobald of Boxted. 6 months in prison – Elizabeth Parmenter and Sarah Heard for having uttered several base half crowns at Long Melford.

Many of the prisoners who were eventually tried were subsequently sent on transportation ships to Australia.