Southwold Suffolk

In George Orwell, Keswick, Southwold on July 11, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Southwold along with Keswick and Bury St Edmunds have to be my favourite places in England. So what could be better than starting a weeks holiday in Southwold and staying in a cottage in the High Street just a few doors down from the former home of the author George Orwell.

Though Montague House was the home of Orwell (real name Eric Blair) this is largely ignored and hardly noticed as the locals and tourists alike enter the bigger attraction next door which is Marks Fish and Chips. Having been to Marks many a time who can blame them as they do serve some great fish and chips.

Montague House was the home of Blairs parents and it was here that Orwell wrote A Clergyman’s Daughter during 1934. I have read many of the popular Orwell classics such as 1984, Road to Wigan Pier, Animal Farm and Down and Out in Paris & London but have never read this one. Perhaps just as well as Orwell him self desribed it as a load of bollox!

The small cottage we are staying at is called Pebbles Cottage and has room for 2 + 2 in a sofa camp bed. The cottage is small but comfortable with every thing you need being just five minutes from the sea front. The stairs at this cottage though are steep and you do have to have your wits about you to avoid a fall.

The ice cream and tea shop on the sea front in front of the Sailors Reading Room was as ever popular.

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