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Ipswich Half Marathon

In Ipswich Half Marathon, Ipswich Jaffa on July 3, 2009 at 9:19 pm

Now i’ve gone and done it! I have entered the Larking Gowen Ipswich Half Marathon on 30th August 2009. This is the first running of this race and what appeals is a chance to run around around the town centre of Ipswich.

To date there are are only 408 entries and the race can accept 1500 so uptake seems a little slow and I can only see one other entry from a Saint Edmund Pacer my running club. However I am sure the race entries will grow and be sold out by the time of the race.

My worry with the race is hot weather but it is at least an early 9am start so that is very good. My other worry is a switch of the Ipswich Town match due on the previous day Saturday to the same day as the race for tv coverage. Hopefully this won’t happen but if so I am sure I can get a shower and go on to the match after wards.

Now I have a target to build my training through July and August and will need to build up my long runs to get the confidence to complete the distance. Anyone else out there running at this event ? What are you running next ?