Nice Award

In 21st Century Mum, Nice on September 1, 2007 at 6:57 pm

I recently received a nice award from 21st century mum for my photos which I am grateful to receive and will sit on the mantelpiece in pride of place as I don’t have any others.

This got me thinking about the word nice which most of us use but I remember being told to avoid using when at school. Using the word nice was showing a lack of creativity and use of English language I remember a Mr Potter telling me as in the greeting ‘ Have a Nice Day’

Anyway when you search on Nice the main links are to the sunny resort in the South of France where I have spent a few nights on the cobble stone beach. Nice is a nice resort and one I would happily visit anytime. I then came to Nice biscuits which I don’t like much – not great for tea dunking and a bit hard and sugary

The next site of interest relating to Nice which I do like is Nice Cup of Tea and A sit down.com
Take a look and you will see reviews on Biscuit of the Week , fruit cakes and tea. The biscuit section is impressive reviewing what must be 200 different biscuits including perhaps not a biscuit but one of my favorites Sarah Nelsons Gingerbread.

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