Adkins Wood, Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Ickworth Park, National Trust on June 10, 2007 at 5:59 pm

8am 9.2 miles in 1 hr 14 mins 54 mins
Week to date mileage 27 miles

Month to date mileage 48

Average weekly rate 29.7 miles
Average monthly rate 129
Year to date 679

Lifetime 10272

Adkins Wood is one of my favourite runs combining as it does hills, farmland, woodland , National Trust parkland and lakes. The run starts from Bury St Edmunds and sets off up Westley Lane until you reach Horringer,

then into Ickworth Park. Immediately inside of the park I turn left and into Adkins Wood which is a fairly narrow strip of woodland running the length of the village.
Who was Adkins?

I wore my Inov 8 shoes which I like a lot they have grea
t grip and are a bit like a sports car in that they are low lying you feel as if you are hugging the ground as they have don’t have the large cushion of normal running shoes.

When you reach the Fairy lake you know you are now in Lady Hervey’s Wood.
There is a wet path way to take you over to the Canal Lake by way of some pontoon duck boards.

The Canal Lake is a very pretty spot with its summer house, vinefields and the views of Ickworth House and St Mary’s Church.

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