Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

In Adkins Wood, Ickworth Park on May 16, 2007 at 1:33 pm

9am 9.2 miles in 1 hr 14 mins 5 secs

Week to date mileage 15 miles

Month to date mileage 51

Average weekly rate 29.1 miles

Average monthly rate 126

Year to date 565

Lifetime 10158

Adkins Wood is a circular run that I do which takes across and over Great Horringer Hall Farm, up Westley Lane until you reach Horringer, then into Ickworth Park. Immediately inside of the park I turn left and into Adkins Wood which is a fairly narrow strip of woodland running the length of the village.

When you reach the Fairy lake you know you are now in Lady Hervey’s Wood. There is a wet path way to take you over to the Canal Lake by way of some pontoon duck boards. The Canal Lake is a very pretty spot with its summer house, vinefields and the views of Ickworth House and St Mary’s Church.

The Canal Lake has a large no of Canada Geese at present. My run meant 1-2 close encounters with geese who were protecting their young as I came close by and they let me know to keep away charging and hissing in my direction.

Returning past Ickworth House there are currently many lambs. The weather continued to change from bright sunshine to heavy cloud as I made my way out of the park and back home along Westley Lane.


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