Ickworth Suffolk

In Ixworth on March 5, 2007 at 7:20 pm

1pm 8 miles in 1 hr 7 mins

Week to date mileage 8 miles

Month to date mileage 33

Average weekly rate 29.5 miles

Average monthly rate 128

Year to date 270

Lifetime 9863

For this run I drove along the A143 to the interesting historical village of Ixworth. It must be about 7 miles North East from Bury St Edmunds. I parked in the High Street just over the bridge over the River Blackbourn.

I started my run close to the village sign which is quite impressive, I like one of the images which represents the monks who would have been living in the local abbey catching a pike once one of the most prized eating fish.

Unfortunately now you are unable to gain any entry to the Augustinian Monastery which is in private grounds and I am not sure what if anything there is to see. I ran uphill slightly through Ixworth along the High Street where there are some wonderful medieval houses.

The Pykkerell Inn continues the theme of the pike and the River Blackbourn.

There is also this house with a fine example of the skill of pargetting.

I ran out past the local fire station out of town on the Bardwell Rd before deciding to return back down into town to see if I could get closer to the remains of the abbey.
A local said it wasn’t possible and despite finding a path along by the river I admitted defeat and headed out into the countryside.

I headed out as far as Heath Farm took a right turning and came back into Ixworth along Heath Rd. I kept on the main A1088 Thetford Rd and headed up hill to come back into Ixworth. As there is so much to see in Ixworth I ran up and down the High Street a few times . It is pity there isn’t any easy access to run along the River Blackbourn as far as I could work out but this is a wonderful village and definitely worth a visit

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