Around the World on aTreadmill

In Kim Charnock on December 4, 2006 at 10:49 am

I read about a project in Runners World, that an experimental performance artist called Kim Charnock is attempting which is to run around the world on a treadmill. I have included a link to her site which includes regular 3 monthly video updates on her progress leaving from her home in Leicester. She has currently passed through Dover into France.

Of course she never actually leaves her treadmill in Leicester but is expecting it to take her about 12 years to run the 11,500 miles over land route. I have watched the 5 videos she has made so far and she has so far been beset by injuries and colds but you can tell she is determined to complete her objective whilst running her own theatre business called Kiss My Face.

In time it sounds as if she will try to raise the publicity of her project and take her treadmill out into public to encourage others to join with her. She is raising money for breast cancer and will be in her late 30’s when she completes her marathon. Take a look.

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