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Chaddesden to Spondon Derbyshire

In Chaddesdon, Spondon on November 21, 2006 at 8:37 pm

4.30pm 6 miles in 50 mins 21 secs

Week to date mileage 6 miles

Month to date mileage 91

Average weekly rate 30.3

Average monthly rate 131

Year to date 1405

Lifetime 9425

Up in Derby staying at the Inn Keepers Lodge near Derby. I decided to take my running shoes and venture out. Outside of the hotel close by is a Chaddesden Park. The Park is situated off Nottingham Road in Chaddedsden, just under two miles from the city centre and has a stream running through the middle. The park was formerly the grounds of a former estate owned by the Wilmot family and now owned by the local council.

The park wasn’t that big and I decided to venture along the Nottingham Rd to another village called Spondon.The village of Spondon is Anglo-Saxon . The name Spondon is derived from the old English “Spon” meaning chip, Shaving or shingle and Dun for a hill.
A winner of Britain in Bloom this seems a well to do part of Derbyshire and another time if I am this way and it wasn’t so dark I will visit again especially St Werburghs Church which looked interesting.

However I a came a cropper and fell over in the twilight and managed to badly graze hands and legs, but nothing broken and I managed to roll to a stop in front of a surprised dog walker.

I was shaken but ok and jogged back to the hotel.