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West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

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6.30pm 7 miles in 55 mins 28 seconds

Week to date mileage 21

Month to date mileage 106

Average weekly rate 30.8

Average Monthly rate 134

Year to Date 1064

Life time 8842

Tonights track session consisted of 6 intervals of 2 minute running at 5k pace with a minute recover in between followed by a 5 minute gap before repeating the set again.

At the end we then ran 800 metres which is something I haven’t done very often. My time of 3.24 wasn’t great but after looking back in my diary I had to go back to October last year to find previous times which showed ny best then to be 3.30. So a slight improvement which wasn’t bad after a hard session which I struggled with after a heavy lunch ime meal and a restful holiday.

Quite a good turn out tonight. My race entry number for the Tarpley 10 has arrived I am number 27.

Bury St Edmunds Cullum Rd/Ramada Hotel/Newmarket Rd Circular Run

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5.30pm 5.4 miles in 40 mins 40 seconds

Week to date mileage 14

Month to date mileage 99

Average weekly rate 30.7

Average Monthly rate 133

Year to Date 1057

Life time 8835

Ran well tonight my recent times over this course have been :

27 Jul 40. 47
13 Jul 41.11
6 Jun 41.33
18 May 41.18
7 Apr 40.30
7 Mar 41.31
3 Mar 41.34
21 Feb 41.35
27 Jan 41.56
13 Jan 41.30
2 Jan 42.42
23 Dec 43.34
9 Dec 42.0
6 Dec 42.04
29 Nov 42.17

Bury Town FC v Maldon Town FC

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Bury Town 1 Maldon Town 1

Bank Holiday Monday action from the Ryman League Division 1 North saw a game played in difficult conditions with heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning.

From what I saw Maldon looked a more organised team and it showed that they have competed at a higher level than Bury for a few years. However I felt Bury had some better individual players particulalry Ian Miller who at centre half was often a class above the rest. Bury really lacked a cutting edge up front and this is an area I think they will need to strengthen if they wish to make any in roads on this league, otherwise I can only see a mid table finish.

A draw was probably a fair result as both sides had numerous chances to win this game. Maldon took the lead in the first half from Perry who seemed to score pretty much unchalllenged from a header a goal that had been coming.

Bury deservedly equalised from Wood who came on as sub with the goalkeeper unable to hold a godd cross from Cunningham giving Wood the simple chance to convert.

A decent crowd for Bury of 255 people attended Ram Meadow.

Albana Walk Ickworth Park Nr Bury St Edmunds

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8am 8.5 miles in 1 hr 10 mins 08 seconds

Week to date mileage 8.5

Month to date mileage 94

Average weekly rate 30.7

Average Monthly rate 133

Year to Date 1052

Life time 8830

Course: Set of towards Horringer over fields towards Lord Hervey’s wood and Great Horringer Hall. Along Westley Lane and into Horringer Village. At the Church turn right into Ickworth Park, down to Ickworth House and then do a circuit of Albana Wood before returning on the same route.

Ran ok but still feeling a little heavy after holiday and being spoilt by Italian cuisine.

Mildenhall Fen Tigers v Sheffield Tigers

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Mildenhall 44 Sheffield 46

27th August at West Row Suffolk

Excellent Premier League speedway at the home of the fen tigers slightly spoilt by poor refereeing which in the end led to defeat for Mildenhall.

The big contoversy of the meeting came in the 2nd heat the reserves race. Jordan Frampton was hit from behind by Benji Compton who was clearly out of control and was never going to make it round the bend but to the amazement of everyone in the stadium the referee gave the decisio the other way and excluded the mildenhall rider. This decision alone was enough to cost the Fen Tigers the result.

On reflection Sheffield rode more as a team and everyone contributed showing their strength in depth. Ashworth, Compton, Sanchez and Legault all contibuted wheras for Mildenhall in the main the points came from just Lyons and Daniel King who rode a perfect 5 wins and was man of the match.

Fornham St Martin Circular Run

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8am 7.5 miles in 58 mins 01 seconds

Week to date mileage 11

Month to date mileage 85

Average weekly rate 30.7

Average Monthly rate 133

Year to Date 1043

Life time 8821

The course – head out of Bury on the Beetons Way past Tollgate and through the village of Fornham St Martin.

Return to Bury through Fornham All Saints along the A11101 Mildenhall Road , back to Tollgate and return up Beetons Way hill and home.

After a week or two of lounging from holiday it is time to start running a bit regularly again! I found it hard to day after the rest and my time reflects that, but it was just good to get out running again. The weather has an autumnal feel though which is perfect for running and I look forward to building some mileage perhaps with an intention of running the Felixstowe Half Marathon on the 8th of October.

Any one else doing it?

Previous times

6 Aug 06 57.20
26 Jul 06 57.29
9 Jul 06 58.44
24 Jun 06 57.24
3 Jun 06 59.17
6 May 06 57.03
25 Apr 06 57.02
18 Mar 06 56.51
11 Feb 06 59.25
14 Jan 06 60.05


17 Dec 59.29
29 Oct 59.52
3 Oct 60.19
11 Sep 60.14
28 Aug 57.42
19 Aug 59.36
22 Jul 58.24
10 Jul 59.48
1 Jul 59.42
23 Jun 64.0
18 Jun 62.18
23 May 59.38
5 Apr 62.41
1 Apr 60.26
19 Mar 59.0
12 Mar 60.43
5 Mar 62.16
26 Feb 62.16
6 Feb 61 .23
28 Jan 61.02
16 Jan 61.14

Sorrento Italy

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7.30am 3.5 miles in 30 mins 12 seconds

Week to date mileage 3.5

Month to date mileage 78

Average weekly rate 31.1

Average Monthly rate 135

Year to Date 1036

Life time 8814

Just returned from a holiday in Sorrento which I highly recommend and I hope to return to one day. The weather was hot even for this part of the world as they were experiencing a heatwave so this is my excuse for not running very much.

I took my kit with the full intention of doing a few runs but a combination of the heat and being in the busy centre of Sorrento were my reasons for not doing more.

On the one run I did I ran early at 7.30am but still found the conditions very warm and no other way to put it I was soaked in sweat when I finished. I dodged through scooters and all manner of motorised half bike half car type vehicles through Sorento and ran down to the harbour and back.

One or two pictures of Sorrento the rest are to be found on my flickr site.

My blogger account was switched over to a beta account whilst on holiday and I must admit I have been unable to log in as I couldn’t see how to access my dashboard. Thankfuly after a bit of searching I found this on Goggle which has solved my access problems. I copy it in case anyone else is having similar problems.

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Besides logging out of any google accounts, Blogger employee gave a
link in another thread to bypass the front page login so you can get
directly to the “Classic” blogger login

West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

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6.30pm 7 miles in 54 mins 2 seconds

Week to date mileage 13

Month to date mileage 74

Average weekly rate 31.5

Average Monthly rate 137

Year to Date 1032

Life time 8810

A track session consisting of reps of 4 mins , 3mins and 2 mins at 5k pace followed by 2 x 400 metres. A minute recovery in between and five minutes before repeating the whole set.

Little Waldingfield Suffolk

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6.30pm 6 miles in 48 mins 32 seconds

Week to date mileage 6

Month to date mileage 67

Average weekly rate 30.8

Average Monthly rate 134

Year to Date 1025

Life time 9045

I have wanted to visit Lt Waldingfield ever seen I saw some comments on some photos I took of Gt Waldingfield by Simon_K on flickr. In his view Lt Waldingfield’s St Lawrence church is a lot more interesting and you can in time read in depth reviews at Simons site which includes well over 500 churches in Suffolk http://www.suffolkchurches.co.uk/.

Lt Waldingfield is about 4-5 miles from Sudbury. I took the straight roman road between Newton and Sudbury to Gt Waldingfield and continuing on the B1115 you reach Lt Waldingfield. I parked near the church like its near neighbour it is also called St Lawrence.

I set of for my run through the village past The Swan Public House and picked up a good field path this took me really to a dead end as I arrived out on the busy Lavenham Rd so I had no choice but to retrace my steps back to the village.

I ran along the B1115 before picking up a path which took through Hole farm rather than continue into Gt Waldingfield I again returned back to Lt Waldingfield and took another path out to Archers Farm. The weather appeared threatening and I imagined I would get a soaking but although the sky turned dark I escaped any rain.

River Lark Run Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

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12.30pm 7.2 miles in 56 mins 27 seconds

Week to date mileage 32

Month to date mileage 61

Average weekly rate 31.7

Average Monthly rate 138

Year to Date 1019

Life time 8797

Course:Head out through the water meadows and then turn left at Bury Rugby Club . Follow the path through No Mans Meadow which is at the back of the Abbey Gardens returning to Southgate Bridge and then returning over the meadows for a 2nd lap.Return home up Southgate Street past the Police Station and through the Abbey Gardens graveyard then through town centre, Risbygate street, Westley road and home.

This was my best run over this course as I simply blitzed my best time though I didn’t feel particulalry fast or that I had made any extra effort to achieve it.

Plenty of rabbits near the Rugby ground including this one I nearly ran over.

My previous times over this course are as follows

11. 28th April 06 58 minutes 8 seconds
10.15th April 06 58 minutes 50 seconds
9. 13th Feb 06 59 minutes 52 seconds
8.27th Dec 05 1 hour 3 mins and 23 seconds
7.19th 05Sep 56 minutes 42 seconds
6.29th 05 August 58 minutes and 7 seconds
5.2 july 05 1 hourand 53 seconds
4.26th june 05 1 hour and 9 seconds
3.28th May 05 58 minutes and 51 seconds
2.13th April 05 59 minutes and 25 seconds
1.11th March 05 1 hour and 31 seconds

The path besides the River Lark .