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Southwold Suffolk

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A long over due visit to Southwold today. This has to be one of my favourite places along with the Lake District and of Bury St Edmunds.

Southwold is a wonderful town on the north Suffolk coast. When I think of Southwold I immeadiately think of Adnams, the lighthouse (once stayed here in the lighthousekeepers cottage), the pier (which was rebuilt just about 6 years ago), gunhill where the cannons are based, the many greens scattered around the town, the sailors reading room, River Blyth and the river ferry crossing to Walberswick and crab catching , Buss Creek and the wonderful walks, Marks fish and chips, George Orwell (otherwise known as Eric Blair who lived here for about 50 years , the Dutch wars of the 17th century fought of this coast, amber and the sea.

Southwold is a great place.