Moreton Hall and Town Centre Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2006 at 7:49 pm

7.30am 8.1 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes 37 seconds

Week to date mileage 30

Month to date mileage 139

Average weekly rate 31.7

Average Monthly rate 138

Year to Date 539

Life time 8317

Set of early this morning for some reason I was awake at 6am and decided to get out on a run early. The weather was a mixture of showers and watery sunshine typical April.

I headed through town along Risbygate Street until I reached Eastgate down by the river lark and the Fox. I have extra affinity for this area now that we have traced my family on my mothers side to Eastgate Street. My great grandfather and my great great grandfather going back to 1841 were both fish hawkers in this area of town. We have only just begun to research using Ancestory UK so lots more to find out.

I ran up through the Vinefields and past St James Middle School and then on to Moreton Hall. I took a path off road at Moreton Hall Prep School.

I don’t think I have run up here before and I was surprised at just how many dog owners there were. However I ignored these as immeadiately before me was the biggest field of Cow Slips that I have ever seen. In the drizzle I took a photo or two. Cowslips are much rarer these days, the name derives from cowpat not sure why? Cowslips have been used to make wine, in salads and in the past to treat spasms and cramps.

There are several quotes from poetry on cowslips that I found including


The cowslips tall her pensioners be.
In their gold coats spots you see:
Those be rubies, fairy favors;
In those freckles live their savors.


And ye talk together still,
In the language wherewith Spring
Letters cowslips on the hill.


Thus I set my printless feet
O’er the cowslip’s velvet head,
That bends not as I tread.

Though the best for me is

Thomas Hood

The cowslip is a country wench.

After a run around much of Moreton Hall I returned home with the picture of the cowslips still in my mind.

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