London Marathon

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2006 at 7:31 pm

Congratulations to everyone who took part yesterday in the London Marathon it really is one of the greatest mass participation events in the world.

I watched on the BBC and despite the drizzle there seemed to be a good spectator turn out as usual. You cannot fail to be inspired by the event and to see 35,000 competitors setting off from Blackheath and Greenwich is just fantastic. Well done to the organisers and the thousands of helpers.

Deena Kastor simply ran away with the Womens Marthon and at the finish she looked like she had just been for a stroll. Its a pity that we didn’t see her battling out with Paula Radcliffe I wouldn’t be sure who would win.

The mens race was a great battle especially to see the sprint finish. I know when I have been in this situation in much shorter runs such as 10k if I sprint at the finish I often then feel sick. Limo was a deserved winner in the end.

If you are inspired to run next year have a look at the details forthe London Marathon 2007 here.

Whilst these guys were running the London here is a few more pictures from my pub run yesterday!

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