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Ickworth Park – Albana Walk and Adkins Wood

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8.10 am 12 miles in 1 hour 38 minutes

Week to date mileage 29

Month to date mileage 44

Average weekly rate 31.4

Average Monthly rate 136

Year to Date 444

Life time 8222

Weather – sunny dry cold

I set of across Horringer Farm, the pathway around the fields was nice and dry and not too much give. There have been times when it has been so wet along here that it is like running on stilts as the dirt sticks to the bottom of the shoes.

For several weeks there has been no sign of any bras in the trees at Horringer but today there was a new pink one posted up in a bush. Well half a cup anyway!

I ran in to Ickworth Park to the Rotunda House. I was then distracted by loud noises which I had to investigate and found a big field of sheep and young lambs making a terrific din. I took a short video have alook at my stickham site where I will place this along with one of the beautiful rotunda house.

I then ran around the Albana Walk before returning to Adkins Walk. I found a new path in the woods which I shall return to as I ran out of time today but it seems to head out to Chevington/Chedburgh way.