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Fornham Circular Run Suffolk

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10am 7.5 miles in 59 minutes 25 seconds.

Week to date mileage 25

Month to date mileage 54

Average weekly rate 33.3

Average Monthly rate 145

Weather: grey and milder than recent

The course – head out of Bury on the Beetons Way past Tollgate and through the village of Fornham St Martin.
Return to Bury through Fornham All Saints along the A11101 Mildenhall Road , back to Tollgate and return up Beetons Way hill and home.

An ok run. I haven’t felt that my breathing has been quite right for my last couple of runs.
I have been slightly breathless as if I am trying to force the pace a bit too much. I eventually settled into the run after half an hour and was ok.

My times over the last year are as follows

1.14 jan 06 60.05
2.17 Dec 59.29
3.29 Oct 59.52
4.3 Oct 60.19
5.11 Sep 60.14
6.28 Aug 57.42
7.19 Aug 59.36
8.22 Jul 58.24
9.10 Jul 59.48
10.1 Jul 59.42
11.23 Jun 64.01
12.8 Jun 62.18
13.23 May 59.38
14.5 Apr 62.41
15.1 Apr 60.26
16.19 Mar 59.01
17.2 Mar 60.43
18.5 Mar 62.16
19.26 Feb 62.16
20.6 Feb 61 .23
21.28 Jan 61.02
22.16 Jan 61.14

So todays run was my 4th best over this course in 23 timings.

From the Bury Free Press on Friday was this report on last weeks Lakenheath 5 mile XC.

Horringer School /West Suffolk Hospital /Cullum Rd & Newmarket Rd

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5.30pm 5.4 miles in 41 minutes 50 seconds.

Week to date mileage 18

Month to date mileage 46

Average weekly rate 32.8

Average Monthly rate 143

Weather: Cool

Tonights run was an easy circular route around Horringer School,Hospital Road, Cullum Road, Newmarket Road and Home. I struggled a little on the run and I felt a tight hamstring in my left leg.

However I ran better than I thought and my time was just a little outside of my best for this course.

2 Feb 42.38
17 Jan 42.50
10 Jan 42.52
1 jan 41.45
14 Dec 42.47

Last February I came down with the flu and as a consequence only logged 45 miles for the month. I past that tally today so every mile run from know on this month is a bonus!

West Suffolk Athletics Track

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6.20pm 6.4 miles in 50 minutes 01 seconds.

Week to date mileage 12.4

Month to date mileage 41

Average weekly rate 33.5

Average Monthly rate 146

Weather: Cool

I ran down to the track tonight which is only about a mile away. I warmed up with a further 4 laps and then we were into a fairly short interval session which was to be run at faster than race pace. That’s an extra gear which I don’t feel I exactly have as I just haven’t down much interval work in the pace and I have never been quick.

we started with 4 intervals of 2.30 minutes with a minute recovery inbetween. After a 5 minute recovery a further 3 intervals of 2.30 with a 45 second recovery inbetween and then finally a further 2 intervals of 2.30 with 30 seconds recovery inbetween.

the objective was to be consistent with all the runs arriving at a certain part of the track each time . The trick being to avoid running quicker on the first few intervals than the last ones.

I think I generally succeeded in this running most of my 400’s in 1.40-45 which is faster than my race pace as I think this equates to 7 minute miling.

Vinefields Hill Session Bury St Edmunds

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6pm 6 miles in 48 minutes 42 seconds.

Week to date mileage 6

Month to date mileage 35

Average weekly rate 34.1

Average Monthly rate 148

Weather: A little milder clear skies

I parked at Hardwick and ran through Town and the old graveyard to the Vinefields. I repeated the hill session I did back on the 23rd of January two weeks previous.

I ran out to the vinefields in 12.03 and then set to the hill climbs. These are short and sharp climbs of only 30 seconds odd with a two minute recovery on the level and down hill to complete a circuit.

My intervals were as follows

2.23,2.25,2.24,2.20,2.23,2.23,2.25,2.26,2.24,2.27. My best lap being the 4th in 2.20 and the slowest being the last in 2.27. I begun to struggle after about seven and was looking forward to the end by then. Looking back at my times for 2 weeks ago my best then was a 2.28 and slowest 2.33 so this session was a slight improvement.

I attacked the hills a bit harder and also didn’t slow as much for the recoveries in between.

Lakenheath XC Suffolk 5

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11am 5 miles in 41 minutes 11 seconds.

Week to date mileage 29

Month to date mileage 29

Average weekly rate 33.9

Average Monthly rate 147

Weather: Cold and grey

I decided to run the Lakenheath cross country five miler although I hadn’t tapered my mileage in fact I have upped my mileage at the end of this

I was also a bit in two minds whether to do the race as it coincided with the East Anglian derby Norwich City v Ipswich Town which had the odd kick off time of 11.15am!

I reckon there was roughly 140 starters for the 5 miler and a good number for the fun run. The race start is from the Lakenheath Cricket Ground.

The weather was misty which meant little could be seen of the landscape in the distance.

Before the start the race organiser informed us to be careful out on the course as at the far end there were a number of badger setts with some pot holes to avoid.

The course was all of road and was mostly over farm track, sometimes over fields and up and down embankments. What I remember most was the fields of dead sweet corn. Whether this was a failed crop or had been picked but the plants left standing and not ploughed who knows?

This was an enjoyable run but I personally ran poorly my time was disappointing. I expected to get well under 40 minutes whether this was because it was across country or I simply ran slower I don’t know a bit of both I expect.

Well done to the organisers for putting the event on. The pot holes were well marked with sand and low branches with tape.

When I finished the race I was back to the car for the football score and I found out that Ipswich were drawing 1-1 at half time.

On the drive back to Bury I listened to the match on Suffolk Radio and it was clear Ipswich were on top. I caught the end of the match on Sky just in time to see Ipswich score a deserved winner and the East Anglian bragging rights until next season.

I will post some more photos of the event on my flickr site when I get time during the week.

Howard Estate & Bury Golf Course

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10am 7.2 miles in 57 minutes 8 seconds.

Week to date mileage 24

Month to date mileage 24

Average weekly rate 33.9

Average Monthly rate 147

Weather: Cold and grey

Course – I ran from the County Upper School and decided not to follow any particularly course. I ended up running through the
Howard Estate to places I am never been before. There is a small wood fenced to one side by the A14 and the other by Bury golf course. It was a dingy place full of litter and not a place I shall return to again.

I decided to head toward Fornham via the Bury Golf Course. There is a right of way which runs beside the river. However you do have to be mindful of the golfballs. Golfers have to play a shot over the river and of course try to avoid anyone on the right of way.

You do feel a bit vulnerable and as if you are trespassing on the golf course though of course this is a clear right of way. The weeping willows and the old bridges along here are worth seeing.

All in all a strange run where I didn’t have a course to follow and as a result the run lacked purpose. However I did visit one or two place I have never been before

Ipswich Town Demo Video

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Click here to view a video from Portman Road before the recent Ipswich Town v Sheffield Utd match. This is a very short film and is just me playing around to see how to load videos on to blogger.

Ickworth Park Mordaboys Wood

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10am 11 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes.

Week to date mileage 16.4

Month to date mileage 16.4

Average weekly rate 33.4

Average Monthly rate 145

Weather: Cold and grey

This was an out and back run of 45 minutes each way through Ickworth Park to Mordaboys Wood. At the end of my run I reached a lovely white house not far from Little Horringer Hall.

The route through Ickworth Park follows the River Linnet which is no more than a trickle at the moment as water levels look very low.

The sheep were plentiful and were willing to pose for a photo.
On this path I saw another two routes I can explore another day. It looks possible to continue beyond Mordaboys Wood out to Westley Village and to make this a circular run.

I could also have cut back through Twist Wood however signs warned of Roe Deer culling so I will give that a miss for a while.

today’s long run wasn’t planned at the start of the week but it has helped me catch up with my mileage for the week but isn’t great preparation for Lakenheath 5 on Sunday.

Horringer School /West Suffolk Hospital /Cullum Rd & Newmarket Rd

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6pm 5.4 miles in 42 minutes 38 seconds.

Week to date mileage 5.4

Month to date mileage 5.4

Average weekly rate 32.1

Average Monthly rate 139

Weather: Cold clear skies

Tonights run was an easy circular route around Horringer School,Hospital Road, Cullum Road, Newmarket Road and Home. I have had a poor running week, work commitments meant I missed the track session last night.

I am considering doing the Lakenheath 5 race on Sunday though this is cross country and it really depends on the weather over the next few days as to whether I do it as I have no spikes. As it has been cold and dry I presume it will be fine and the ground will be rock hard if anything.

Looking back my times over this course include

17 Jan 42.50
10 Jan 42.52
1 jan 41.45
14 Dec 42.47

So tonights run was pretty average

January Statistics Reviewed

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I managed my highest mileage in one month since I started blogging, a total of 146 miles beating my record for last year set in July, by a mile.

I set myself a target for the year of running 1500 miles at a target of 29 miles a week. In January I averaged 33 miles a week and I am up on my target at present.

Last January I ran 127 miles so I am pleased with my improvement in distance. I also have included a hill session in my training. Yes it was only the once but it was a start.

I ran 20 times during the month and my longest run of the year so far was a memorable run at West Stow 13 miles on the 15th of January.