West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2006 at 8:52 pm

6.15pm 6.6 miles in 53.26 minutes.

Week to date mileage 12

Month to date mileage 91

Average weekly rate 31.2

Average Monthly rate 136

Weather: dry, breezy and cold.

Tonight I attended the St Edmunds Pacers track session at the West Suffolk Athletics Track. It was bitterly cold. I was feeling fine until I had a large cold drink before I left for my run. For some reason I couldn’t seem to digest the drink and this sat on my stomach so I felt bloated with trapped air in my stomach.

This made the run a bit of a survival exercise. I kept thinking the pain would go away. I suppose I know what it feels like to be a baby again but there was no one to give me a pat on the back . Anyone I was please to run an anything is bearable compared to the back problems of the last few days.

The interval session consisted of two sets of 3 x 5 minutes runs with 90 seconds recovery inbetween. I ran a mile to the track and back and warmed up with 4 laps. I struggled to maintain consistency and got progessively slower in the 2nd set of intervals casting fresh doubts over whether I will be able to run the Bury 10 on Sunday. I am still planning to do so but it may be more of a training run just to get round the course.

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