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Vinefields Hill Session Bury St Edmunds

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6pm 6 miles in 48 minutes 42 seconds.

Week to date mileage 6

Month to date mileage 35

Average weekly rate 34.1

Average Monthly rate 148

Weather: A little milder clear skies

I parked at Hardwick and ran through Town and the old graveyard to the Vinefields. I repeated the hill session I did back on the 23rd of January two weeks previous.

I ran out to the vinefields in 12.03 and then set to the hill climbs. These are short and sharp climbs of only 30 seconds odd with a two minute recovery on the level and down hill to complete a circuit.

My intervals were as follows

2.23,2.25,2.24,2.20,2.23,2.23,2.25,2.26,2.24,2.27. My best lap being the 4th in 2.20 and the slowest being the last in 2.27. I begun to struggle after about seven and was looking forward to the end by then. Looking back at my times for 2 weeks ago my best then was a 2.28 and slowest 2.33 so this session was a slight improvement.

I attacked the hills a bit harder and also didn’t slow as much for the recoveries in between.