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Bury Pacers Interval Session

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6.30pm 6.6 miles in 52 minutes 33 seconds

Week to Date mileage 12.6

Month to date mileage 122

Average weekly rate 34.4

Average Monthly rate 149

Weather: Cold and dry

The club had planned to run some time trials tonight but the track was icy and as the temperature dropped conditions were only likely to deteriorate. So we ran on the inside of the track on the grass and to be honest there were patches of grass which became hard and icy as the night wore on.

I must admit I still warmed up on the track and ran 5 laps. The interval session tonight consisted of 3 x 4 minutes at race speed with a minute recovery in between followed by 4 x 3 minutes and finally 4 x 2 minutes all with a minute recovery.

I found I could run just on 3 laps in 4 minutes on the inside of the track. It was hard to judge if you were keeping a consistent pace throughout the intervals as invariably you might start from a different side of the track. It was a good session though the icy conditions meant always having to be a little guarded with each step.

I warmed down with four laps on the track.

I have posted a couple more pictures of Adkins Woods at Ickworth Park.

As you can see it was beautiful and muddy.