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The Cock Inn at Clare Suffolk

In Clare, Cock Inn, Ipswich Town, photos on January 16, 2006 at 7:08 pm

It was only the other week I was discussing with Ruby at livinginburystedmunds her visit to Clare in Suffolk and she made mention of the Cock Inn. By a very strange coincidence I picked up a load of second hand football programmes at Ipswich on Saturday and inside was a lovely black and white picture.

I was trying to work out where it was when it twigged that of course it is the Cock Inn at Clare. I can only guess the date but assume it must be from perhaps the 1950’s by the fashion. Look at the girl about 15 people in from the left wearing what appears to be a bowling or teddy boy kind of drape coat.

Not sure what the occasion would be perhaps a wedding as some of the men have flowers in their jackets but then again no bride and groom. It looks more like an outing to the seaside and the group is just about to get on board the buses.

I have copied this picture to the webmaster at clare-uk.com hopefully some relatives may recognise themselves in the picture.