December Statistics & Targets for Year Reviewed and New Targets Set.

In Running Aims, Saint Edmund Pacers, Statistics on December 31, 2005 at 5:33 pm

I managed my fourth highest mileage during December with a total of 132 miles but it could have been better but for the cold I have picked up which is currently left me unable to train.

My statistics for the year show :

Jan 127 miles No of Runs 19
Feb 45 miles No of Runs 7
Mar 94 miles No of Runs 14
Apr 97 miles No of Runs 15
May 84 miles No of Runs 12
Jun 89 miles No of Runs 13
Jul 145 miles No of Runs 21
Aug 130 miles No of Runs 18
Sep 141 miles No of Runs 20
Oct 139 miles No of Runs 20
Nov 107 miles No of Runs 17
Dec 132 miles No of Runs 17

Total Runs for the year 193 out of 365 days.

My average distance that I run is 6.88 miles

My longest run of the year was 12 miles on Boxing Day 26th December.

I have run just three races all year. My racing pb’s for the year are 10 miles 1 hr 17.23 and for 7 miles 52.37.

Back at the beginning of July I set myself ten running aims

1To keep fit and be able to run. Yes I am still highly motivated and keen to test how far I can progress. I have been lucky and been with out injury this year apart from a slight right knee niggle.

2. To join a club again.I joined St Edmund Pacers and I would advise anyone considering running to join a club. Anyone who is training for a marathon really ought to consider joining a club for the advise, coaching support and most important of all the company and peer support.

3. To do a race this year.I hadn’t entered a race since February 2004 but I did three races. The Tarpley 10 the Stowmarket Sriders Scenic 7 and the Hadleigh 10. These were very well organised races though I have to say the Tarpley 10 in its first running was simply superb.

4. To run a 1000 miles this year.I achieved this on the 9th of October. Next year a bigger target I think.

5.To try and lose half a stone to get to 12.5 stone.In January I was 13 stone 4lbs. I am currently about 12stone 4lbs I am down a stone so this aim was achieved. It has led me to wearing belts more often!

6. To take my camera with me so I can capture those sights in nature that sometimes runners are lucky to see because only they are daft enough to get up early in the morning whilst most others are still in bed to go for a long run.I wasn’t happy with the quality of the camera and I evetually replaced it with a Fuji Finepix 345 which is still nice and light weight but is a 4 mega pixel camera.

7. To run hills.No if I am honest ive failed on this one. I merely have it in the back of the mind to do a hill session each week.

8. To continue the track work.I struggle to make most Wednesdays. Commitments mean I often need to be elsewhere on this evening which is a pity. There is a lot more more to be gained from a quality session on the track than another 5-6 mile steady run. When I can I still aim to get down to the West Suffolk Athletics Track.

9. To aim to get back to under 8 minute miling.I was a regular 7 minute miler but after such a long lay off getting to 8 minute miling was my target. I have achieved this in the three races I have taken part in the 10 milers were completed in 7.51 and 7.45 average miles and the 7 miler in 7.31 average miles.

10. My tenth and final aim will be to learn more about blogging as I am a total novice and I am not sure what I am doing.No I still no very little about web sites. Unless it is simple I don’t have the time or patience to figure it out.So all told I think I have achieved eight out of turn.

Now on to next years targets

1. To keep fit and enjoy my running.

That will always be my number one aim. People some times ask why do you run? Quite often they look upon you as weird when you mention that you run. Often they will say they have tried and found it boring. Quite simply I run because I can and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. I get to see the changing seasons, experience all weathers and enjoy the beautiful Suffolk countryside. I meet similar folks who enjoy running. I gave up a long time ago trying to persuade others to run you either enjoy it or you don’t.

2. I am a signed up member of St Edmunds Pacers and look forward to continuing doing so for next year.

3. I am setting myself an overall target to run 1500 miles next year. That’s challenging for me but hopefullya realistic target that is achievable barring injuries ! I managed 1328 this year so it is an additional 200 miles at an average of 29 miles a week.

4. Long Runs – I want to up my long runs so that next year I run some 2 hour or 15 mile runs .

5. Hills – these are great sessions to include in your training. I know it but I just didn’t do it this year. Can I do it next year? Probably not on my own. I remember that we used to run these as a cub session when I belonged to Stopsley Striders back in 1994. I am not going to set my target for hills anything greater than to do 1 hill session a month.

6. Races – for me racing isn’t the be and end all of why I run but I would still like to run more races than I did this year which was only 3 . My target for 2006 is to do 6 races. At the moment I still think my limit for a race is around the half marathon distance. So I would like to include a half marathon as a race next year.

7. Track and Interval Work – If I miss the Wednesday track session at West Suffolk Athletics Track then I want to commit to doing the Monday session. To my mind track work is so beneficial.

8. To get my weight down to 12 stone – I could still do with losing a few pounds . My BMI still shows I am overweight for my height. This means losing about 4-6 pounds. This should be possible if I keep to my new mileage targets.

9. To replace my watch – I don’t have a very good running watch- sometime this year I would like to get one of those Garmin 201 devices

10. Lastly this one is a bit crazy but when the weather brightens up in the spring I am seriouslyconsidering an occasional run when I take with me a rucksack to pick up rubbish I spot in the hedgerows. I hate to see rubbish which has been dropped from car windows left on the side of roads. It can remain for years in some rural spots. Ok I could say it is not my rubbish but in a way we are all responsible for the upkeep of the countryside and I am willing to give it a go. I expect I will need to wear gloves and an old rucksack. My other though then is what to do with the rubbish as I don’t particularly want to fill my own dustbin with what I collect. Maybe my run will need to by pass a recycling centre.

Ok my aims are a bit similar to last year but I think it helps to have clear targets to give you a focus and a bit of a challenge. If you have set some targets let me know what challenges you have set yourself particularly anything unusual.

Happy new year

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