Ickworth Park Suffolk

In bra, Chevington, Downters Wood, Horringer, Horringer Farm, Ickworth Park, sheep on December 26, 2005 at 7:30 pm

8.30am 12 miles in 1 hour 37 minutes.

Year to date mileage 1313

Month to date 117 miles

Average miles per month 111

Average weekly rate 25.5

Week to date 12

Weather: cool but not cold slight drizzle a little fog.

For Boxing day I thought I would do a long run and try a regular course, which anyone who views this blog, will know from previous entries that strange things can happen in the village of Horringer.

I wasn’t to be disappointed sure enough there was a further bra in a tree this time a bright blue one. The bright purple flowery one was still there but no sign of the red one which has either been taken down or blown away? Curious, perhaps it is the time of year or may be some kind of fertility ritual performed in the village of Horringer and only there? Unless of course anyone else has seen this elsewhere. Maybe there is a network around the country or all over the world of bra tree hangers.

Seeing a bra in a tree in Horringer doesn’t surprise me anymore, I have come to expect it. Imagine my surprise though when I spotted a new addition a folding chair in a tree! Totally broken of course and very high up this tree . Well that’s different! I wonder if it is the same people who are responsible? Is there a connection between the broken folding chair and the 3 different bras? What kind of message are they trying to send out? To be honest this spot is fairly isolated and only frequented in the main by farmers and dog walkers.

Oh well, I will continue to look at for further developments on things in trees in Horringer next year.

I continued on in to Ickworth Park , past the house , gardens and lake. Near the lake there seems to be several paths that I am not familiar with but will explore next year. I chose a path running slightly uphill over a cattle grid which took me through Downters Wood and on to Chevington Field Plantation. There were a handful of houses here in the middle of the wood and virtually no sound it was so quiet. I wasn’t so sure if I was on private land so I returned home by the same course for a good 12 miles.

  1. Not only a Horringer phenomenon, apparently there are bra trees worldwide. Check this: (scroll down to pic in bottom right corner) http://www.roadtripamerica.com/roadside/shoetrees2.htmand this:http://roncram.com/bratree.htmland I also found an interesting paragraph on a website called “Breast of Canada” about womens health issues:”The idea of the calendar is to promote breast health among women, and especially to encourage regular breast exams. Dead Bra Day, she said, has a light-hearted theme. “Especially in the depths of winter, I tried to create something fun, something positive. It’s not all about looking for the lump,” Richards said. She suggested some creative ways women can dispose of their bras after the intimate underwear has served its purpose. Perhaps a bra tree, a bra fence, or a bra wall in a bar or eatery to draw attention to women’s health issues, Richards said. She also mentioned the Web site, http://www.braball.com, that includes the ‘herstory’ and photo gallery on another inspired project that makes used of discarded bras.”Don’t know if any of this sheds light on what’s happening in Horringer, and I can’t imagine where the folding chair fits in … the plot thickens. Do keep us posted of any further developments – I am keen to keep abreast of the situation ;-)Ruby

  2. More: Apparently there’s a ski resort called Brundage in Idaho which is also famous for its bra tree! “Every resort has its naughty side, and this is Brundage’s.The tedious 12-minute ride up the Centennial Triple Chair has made an unsuspecting aspen tree as popular as Tom Jones.The tree blooms with vibrant pinks, reds, whites and even oranges each winter as women sling their bras from the lift.“I always wished there was a way to listen to some of the conversations on that lift,” says Mary Naylor, Brundage’s marketing director.The tree has become such an icon, the Brundage gift shop sells bra tree shirts.”Maybe a gift shop should open in Horringer doing likewise?!

  3. I should have guessed there ain’t nothing new – someone somewhere has already been there and done it. Thanks for shedding light on this.

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