River Lark & Water Meadow Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

In Bury St Edmunds, Marvel, No Man's Meadow, River Lark, Spiderman, spiders, The Ramones, Water Meadows on October 16, 2005 at 2:21 pm

9.am 5.7 miles in 48min 16 secs.

Year to date mileage 1034

Month to date 83 miles

Average miles per month 109

Average weekly rate 25

Weather: A warm autumn day.

Course: A short run this morning through the Water Meadows, No Mans Meadows and by the River Lark.

Felt a bit sluggish this morning and I ran slowly, so slowly that I managed to run into a spiders web. There seemed to be an abundance of spiders webs hanging from bushes and trees,shining wet with morning dew.

I know many people are scared of spiders but it is said that without them we wouldn’t be able to go outdoors so easily in the summer months as they keep down the number of flies, wasps, mosquitoes and gnats.

All spiders have venom glands but very few are poisonous and most cannot penetrate the skin. In Suffolk there are apparently over 400 types of spiders most of them are very small and hard to identify.

A spider that has excited naturalists in Suffolk is the fairly recent arrival of the wasp spider. Previously confined to the South Coast they are now spreading North and appear to be here to stay. If you spot one it is worth informing the Suffolk Naturalists Society.

Talking of spiders I have enjoyed both the first 2 spiderman films. I was always a reader of the Marvel Comics and still have a stack of these in the loft. The art work from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko was also impressive.Stan Lee was born in New York in 1922 and is now 83 years old.

An ideal music soundtrack to go with Spiderman 3 would be any of the Ramones Albums. I understand Spiderman comes up against the Sandman and it is released in May 2007

  1. excellent pic, not sure I’d be happy running into that spider though.Was just watching Spiderman 2 on sky last night, have both flims on DVD and like yourself was an avid reader of Marvel comics. I think both films pass the ‘marvel comic readers ‘test.I notice Dr Connors made an appearence in Spiderman 2, that means The Lizard will be next up for Spidey 3.If you haven’t seen Fantastic 4 yet give it a miss, it’s a stinker.

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