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My Favourite CD’s – 7th in a Series

In Dr Feelgood, Reading Festival on October 8, 2005 at 6:59 pm

Dr Feelgood

Have a look at their website as they modestly state they are ”The official greatest Rhythm’n’Blues band of the world!”

Ok maybe not, but surely the hardest working band in the world and one of the best live bands to go and watch. I believe they have been on tour pretty much continuously every since 1973 some 32 years ago. They have gone through a number of different line ups in this time.

I first saw them back in 1978 somewhere in London. I believe their line up then was Lee Brilleaux , Wilko Johnson – John ‘Big Figure’ Martin and John B. ‘Sparko’ Sparks. Not quite sure if Wilko had left at this time to form his own band the Solid Senders? He was replaced by John Mayo. It was around about this time that the Feelgoods had their biggest hit with Milk and Alcohol. I saw Wilko Johnson at Reading festival in 1979.

I recently saw Dr Feelgood again I think it was in 2003 at Lowestoft and also at Norwich in 2004 with their current line up Kevin Morris – Phil Mitchell – Robert Kane – Steve Walwyn.

Dr Feelgood emerged from the pub band circuit in Canvey Island Essex. In the late 70’s the Feelgoods were playing to sell out audiences and had number 1 albums. They still have a great following and tour relentlessly throughout Europe.

Dr Feelgood the UA years track listing is

Roxette, She Does it Right, Back in the Night, Going Back Home, Riot in Cell Block No 9, Sneakin Suspicion,
She ‘s a wind up, Baby Jane, Down at the Doctors, Milk and Alcohol, As long as the Price is Right, Put him out of your mind, Hong Kong Money, No Mo Do Yakamo, Jumping from love to love, Violent Love, Waiting for Saturday Night, Monkey, Trying to Live My Lfe without you, Crazey about girls, My Way, Mad Man Blues, See you Later Alligator, Hunting Shooting Fishing.

You should be able to pick this album up dirt cheap. See link below you can buy from Amazon for just £3.53. Every collection should have Dr Feelgood .

Eight Bars on Piano – Down to the Doctor !

Albana Walk, Ickworth Park, Suffolk

In Albana Walk, deer, Ickworth Park, muntjac, suffolk on October 8, 2005 at 1:01 pm

10am 8.2 miles in 1 hour 6 mins 17 secs

Year to date mileage 993

Month to date 43 miles

Average miles per month 107

Average weekly rate 24.7

Weather: A beautiful autumn day very mild and perfect for running. Only problem is I have a ‘cricked’ neck from shifting furniture.

Course: Set of towards Horringer over fields towards Lord Hervey’s wood and Great Horringer Hall. Along Westley Lane and into Horringer Village. At the Church turn right into Ickworth Park, down to Ickworth House and then do a circuit of Albana Wood before returning on the same route.

Usually once I am into Ickworth Park I see little traffic but today was different as there was a Wood Fair taking place. A sale of wood and carvings which seems to attract a lot of interest.

The woods of the Albana are a great place for seeing deer and today was no different I saw 2 muntjac but didn’t manage to capture them on camera. When I saw the first deer I came to a halt and the deer kept so still that I wasn’t sure if it was a wood carving until I moved to take a picture and it shot of into the woods.

The Muntjac deer are the oldest of all known deer. There are several species of muntjac the one we are likely to see in large parts of England is the Reeves Muntjac and it is our smallest deer. It is believed that the Duke of Bedford had a collection of muntjac deer in the 19th century at Woburn Park. There were several escapees but the biggest escape apparently happened in the 1920’s from Whipsnade Zoo.