County Upper Mere Road Circular Run Bury St Edmunds

In Bury St Edmunds, County Upper School, Hyde Wood, pigs on September 17, 2005 at 10:46 am

10am 7 miles in 52.20.

Year to date mileage 905.

Month to date 95 miles

Average miles per month 106

Average weekly rate 24.4

Weather: Dry sunny but cool

Course: From County Upper School I run through the Howard Estate and on to the Golf Course before reaching the B1106 Westley Road. Turn left here and right heading towards Risby past the Crematorium. At Hyde Cottages turn right and then run around Hyde Wood. The Hyde Road takes you back to Fornham All Saints and from here head back into town to the County Upper School.

On the Risby Road you pass a pig paradise loads of pigs wallowing in the mud. Near Hyde Wood there was a lovely smell of onions rows and rows of onions had been harvested and some of those that had escaped and fallen of the back of lorries had been squashed and trampled in to the ground.

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