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In diary, running on September 5, 2005 at 7:19 pm

Today I decided to have a rest day after 4 continuous days of running. I am not sure when I last ran for more than 4 days in a row if ever. Of course it doesn’t really matter if I ever have run for 5 days in a row but then again it is another statistic that now I have asked myself the question statistically I need to know the answer.

I forget where I read on someone’s running website recently where they wondered if sometimes when they were in two minds whether to go for a run that they would run to satisfy their craving for statistics. I can understand this sentiment as I wonder sometimes if we have a metaphorical ‘Statistic Boss’ in our heads. This is the boss that requires you to go out for a run in the pouring rain because if you don’t then this month you won’t have run as far as you did last year or you will have run less miles than last week and that’s not what your training plan said.

Whilst I am sure we run for a lot more reasons than just the statistics I have always liked a few fact and figures something that I can record that I can make a comparison with.

In listening to my ‘Statistic Boss’ I have decided to computerise all my old running manual diary records. I have dug out the old records as far as I have kept them. They date back to 1st of August 1982 when me and a friend decided after a bit of a drunken bet ( 8 pints , a bit of bravado and a pair of green flash trainers ) to get up at 6am and run to Gt Barton and back a distance of 6 miles. We did it although my uncertain memory of this is one of struggling with a stitch. Obviously some kind of enjoyment was obtained from the experience as my diary shows I carried on running and I ran again the following week.

In late 1982 I entered a 10 mile road race off the back of sporadic once a week training and the more regular drinking. My memory of this race is finishing last, holding up the race ambulance as it trundled behind me picking up the stragglers but getting great applause from those who had remained to the bitter end.

After this race the green flash shoes had to go and I know I bought some New balance Shoes but what I don’t know is what model they were. I remember them being a dark blue colour but on this point wouldn’t it be great if there were somewhere on a website photos of old running shoes. So it is pity that my diaries don’t record the make and model of shoes that I used to wear, I would also like a photo of them and how many miles I ran in them before they were confined to the bin or for use in the garden.

When I didn’t have a watch my diaries show a number of gaps where I don’t have any times for the runs. At the time it didn’t matter but know I have a gap in the diary and as I begin to computerise my records a gap in the spreadsheet. The ‘Statistic Boss’ isn’t best pleased with these gaps and sometimes I have only recorded the date and time in my diaries but not where I ran to.

I need to computerise all my old running records as I have no idea how many miles I have recorded to date. Actually I don’t need to do this at all but it would satisfy my curiosity and I have a gap on my spreadsheet which shows how far I have run in comparison to the distance around the world and compared to the distance around the moon. Another meaningless statistic but now the ‘Statistic Boss’ has asked the question I need to know the answer!

No doubt when I have computerised my running diaries I will have another stat to add to my regular postings.