My Running Aims Reviewed

In Framligham 10k, Running Aims, Saint Edmund Pacers, scenic seven, Tarpley 10 on August 18, 2005 at 6:37 pm

Back at the beginning of July I set myself some running aims

1To keep fit and be able to run. I have been lucky and been with out injury so achieved this one.

2. To join a club again. I have yet to do so but plan to join St Edmund Pacers in October

3. To do a race this year. I haven’t entered a race since February 2004 . I have entered the Tarpley 10 which is on Sunday 25 September at Beyton Middle School, Beyton near Bury St Edmunds.

I am also considering entering the Framligham 10k on 4th September , the Kentwell Hall 10k on 9 October though this is £17.50 entry fee but it is for Cancer Research and the Stowmarket Sriders Scenic 7 on 13 November

4. To run a 1000 miles this year. I am on course to do this my average monthly mileage is 102 miles a month

5.To try and lose half a stone to get to 12.5 stone. I am currently about 12 .8 I am down about four pounds since July so again I am getting there

6. To take my camera with me so I can capture those sights in nature that sometimes runners are lucky to see because only they are daft enough to get up early in the morning whilst most others are still in bed to go for a long run. Yes I am doing this I am still not that happy with the quality of the camera and would welcome any suggestions for a very light weight digital camera

7. To run hills. There is no excuse really to avoid them after all there are so few in Bury St Edmunds. No if I am honest ive failed on this one

8. To continue the track work. Yes most Wednesdays I am down at the West Suffolk Athletics Track

9. To aim to get back to under 8 minute miling. I was a regular 7 minute miler but after such a long lay off just getting to 8 minute miling would be an achievement. Not sure how fast I am running apart from track sessions I don’t have many accurate times. I constantly stop on a run to take photos so none of my run times are accurate.

10. My tenth and final aim will be to learn more about blogging as I am a total novice and I am not sure what I am doing. It would be great to hear from any exiled Suffolk folk around the world especially runners. I still don’t no very little so I can’t claim to have succeeded on this one.

So a mixed picture but I believe I am going to achieve all these if I remain healthy.

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