Gt Barton & Famous men and women of Suffolk No 5 in a series

In Gt Barton, Henry Crabb Robinson, Thurston on August 14, 2005 at 11:56 am

8.45am 10 miles in Ihr 25 mins
Year to date mileage 753
Month to date 73 miles
Average miles per week this year 23.3
Average per month 101

Weather: Overcast & dry.

Course: Bit of a reconnaissance route today looking for new places to run. Set off from Bury Town Centre along the A143 road. There is a good pathway which runs alongside the main road all the way to Gt Barton. Here I took a turning left towards Gt Livermere . I turned left again on a trackway which took me to Vicarage Farm. I turned around and retraced my steps and then continued towards Gt Livermere. I ran as far as Red Castle Farm and then returned over the A143 and headed towards Thurston before returning back to Bury.

unfortunately the camera I take on my runs isn’t good enough quality to show the words on plaque above Linnet House in Bury. It refers to Henry Crabb Robinson 1775-1867 who was a famous diarist. Robinson was a Bury boy. He is remembered chiefly as the friend of many writers and poets from this era such as Lamb, Coleridge, Wordsworth and Southey. He was a foreign correspondent for the Times.

He maintained diaries from the age of 12 and these apparently extend to 35 volumes. He also wrote and received many letters and these extend to 36 volumes.

Robinson struck up a friendship with Wordsworth and met his sister Dorothey who stayed in St Marys Square .

One of William Wordsworth’s poems is dedicated to his friend Crabb

COMPANION! by whose buoyant Spirit cheered,
In whose experience trusting, day by day
Treasures I gained with zeal that neither feared
The toils nor felt the crosses of the way,
These records take, and happy should I be
Were but the Gift a meet Return to thee
For kindnesses that never ceased to flow,
And prompt self-sacrifice to which I owe
Far more than any heart but mine can know.

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