My Favourite CD’s – 4th in a Series

In Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam, The Who on August 11, 2005 at 6:22 pm

Art School/I’ve Changed My Address/Slow Down/I Got By In Time/Away From The Numbers/Batman Theme/In The City/Sounds From The Street/Non-Stop Dancing/Time For Truth/Takin’ My Love/Bricks And Mortar
(Released May 1977 – Highest chart placing #20

What is it about the first album by any band ? This in my opinion is still the best of the jam. Any bands first album gives you an open door to the heart and soul of a band. After which they often struggle with the second album which is often a disappointment. This is simply great. Paul Weller spits out the vocals you can here the anger in his voice. Paul Weller has succeeded with a solo career neither of the other two really did much after this band split. I believe Bruce Foxton played with Stiff Little Fingers for a while and I am not sure what happened to the drummer Rick Buckler.

This album has a Motown feel and you could easily see the band were great fans of The Who from the early Mod era – MY generation. In the late seventies early eighties there was a re-emergence of the scooter and the mod and battles with greasers/rockers down at seasides such as Brighton/ Margate and Clacton. About the time of 70’s disco fever The Who released Quadrephenia and there was a different world for those kids who didn’t have an interest in the Bee gees and Saturday Night fever.

It was difficult to like bands like the jam back in the early 70’s when 95 % of people liked disco. I bought In the City the first single by the jam in about 77 , they made great singles and had a lot of success in the early eighties.

This is a great album you can pick up for just a fiver

  1. You may want to hear this… Bruce Foxton’s new band Casbah Club are selling CDs on their new website – take a free listen…. http://www.casbahclub.co.ukCheers, ST

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