Hardwick Path & Clare Footpath

In Hardwick Heath, trig on August 7, 2005 at 1:35 pm

9am 10 miles in1hr and 24 mins.
Year to date mileage 717 miles
Month to date 37 miles
Average miles per week this year 22.9
Average per month 100.

Course: A repeat of some of yesterdays and Fridays run. From the town centre head towards the West Suffolk Hospital picking up the footpath for the St Edmunds Way. This takes you through Hardwick Heath and you then pick up the Clare footpath. Turn left at the next bridleway sign which takes you over fields . When you reach the wood turn left until you reach a trig point showing a height of 84 feet above sea level.

The photo opposite is of the trig point. It seems fairly insignificant. Trig points were a a surveyors tool to provide a reference point for surveying the UK before electronic positioning aids were available (GPS etc).
The trig point is called UKTP2801 or Hardwick.
Lat/long: N 52 13.049 E 0 42.531, Grid ref: TL 85146 61155 . A flist of over 6,000 trig points is to be found at web site http://jeremyp.net/trigpoint/index.php.

At 84 feet this trig point is well situated and you have a panoramic view looking down over the Suffolk landscape. The only sounds here are the rustle of the corn and birds singing. Well worth a day out!

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