Culford & Flempton Circular Run

In Cornwallis, Culford, Hengrave, John Motson on August 1, 2005 at 7:56 pm

6pm 5 miles in 38.50 mins. Year to date mileage 685 miles, Month to date 5 miles, average miles per week this year 22.5 and average per month 98.

Weather was dull and overcast.

Course: A bit like the Suez Canal which links the Red sea to the Med I always like to find the link that can turn out and back courses into circular routes. I did that today by accident. I set of with the intention of running through the Culford School Grounds. You can follow a public footpath which is part of the familiar friend the Lark Valley Path. Go past Culford Church, Culford Hall, the Cricket pitch and a narrow lake. You emerge on a minor road outside of the Culford school grounds turn left and follow the road where you eventually emerge at Flempton.

Follow the road back through Hengrave and into Culford.

Culford School Grounds is a 500 acre park, I suppose its more recent claim to fame would be that this is the public school attended by John Motson. The hall was built by the Marquis of Cornwallis an army commander who became governor general of India.

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