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The Suffolk Regiment

In Battle of Minden, Gibralter Barracks, Jarman Collection, Minden Rose, Past and Present Society, Suffolk Regiment on August 31, 2005 at 5:25 pm

On many of my runs I pass the building in the photo which is the Gibralter barracks built in 1878. The Suffolk Regiment was based for long periods in Gibralter during the 18th century particularly during the siege by the French and Spanish. So when a new barracks was built in Bury St Edmunds, it would have seemed appropriate to name it after one of the Suffolk Regiments main campaigns.

The regiment was formed in 1685 originally to fight off a rebellion by the Duke of Monmouth.

The Suffolk regiment saw action at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in 1690 and Dettingen in France in 1743.

One of its major campaigns was at the Battle of Minden in 1759 when the Suffolk Regiment won a major battle attacking French positions without aid of supporting artillery against cannon fire. Apparently soldiers plucked red and yellow roses from hedgerows to wear in their hats and every since this battle is annually remembered by a parade. Just along the road the local pub has been called the Minden Rose.

The Suffolk Regiment were involved in many campaigns in many parts of the world including India, New Zealand ,South Africa and of course during the 1st and 2nd world wars.

However all that remains now of the Gibralter Barracks Site is the Keep. The rest of the site has largely been built over with the Bury Sports Centre and College facilities. I can remember as a child often playing on this site when there was the remains of a shooting range. At one end there was a large sandpit against a brick wall with lots of bullet holes. At the other there were shooting positions often built into the ground so that only your head was above ground level. Playing with friends you could often find bullets mostly spent but some seemingly still intact.

The black and white pictures are from a superb collection of photographs known as the Spanton Jarman Collection. The Bury St Edmunds Past and Present society are working on the restoration and storage of the negatives.

Horsecroft/Nowton/Town Circular Run

In Bury St Edmunds, Horsecroft, Nowton, Nowton Park, Sunflowers on August 30, 2005 at 7:49 pm

4pm 7.8 miles in 1hour 3mins 32 seconds.

Year to date mileage 810

Month to date 130 miles

Average miles per month 102

Average weekly rate 23.4

Weather Hot sunny 82

Course: Ran out on the road to Horsecroft, returned over fields to Nowton Park and the returned home via Town Centre . An unusual site for Suffolk I ran past, was this field of Sun flowers or perhaps I have never noticed farmers growing this type of crop before in this area. If you have ever attempted to grow sunflowers at home as a bit of fun or to try and get your children interested in gardening then you may be interested to know the world record stands at 25 feet 5 and half inches. This was grown in Holland in 1986.

Apparently sunflowers grow taller if planted on the northern side of fences and buildings this is because the plants stretch to reach the morning sun.

River Lark & Water Meadows

In Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, River Lark, Water Meadows on August 29, 2005 at 5:24 pm

8am 7.2 miles in 58.07 mins.
Year to date mileage 802
Month to date 122 miles

Average miles per month 101
Average weekly rate 23.3

Weather bright, sunny and warm.

Course : Head out through the water meadows
and then turn left at Bury Rugby Club . Follow the path through No Mans Meadow which is at the back of the Abbey Gardens returning to Southgate Bridge and then returning over the meadows for a 2nd lap.

Return home up Southgate Street past the Police Station and through the Abbey Gardens graveyard then through town centre and home.

Ran this course in a new pb time.

I saw several runners today seemed to be more than usual perhaps just a combination of the good weather and the bank holiday but maybe there is a a bit of a running boom at the moment. Interest levels seem to be quite high.

Fornham Circular Run

In Beyton, Fornham All Saints, Fornham Saint Martin, Fornham St Genevieve, Tarpley 10 on August 28, 2005 at 1:19 pm

8.30pm 7.5 miles in 57.42 mins.
Year to date mileage 795
Month to date 115 miles

Weather bright and sunny

First run after returning from vacation in the Lake District. Still a little tired from long car journey down the M6 and A14

After only running twice last week I intend to put in some good mileage this week. I hope to visit one or two different places in Suffolk over the next week.

I have had my running number for the Tarpley 10 which is on Sunday 25 September at Beyton Middle School, Beyton near Bury St Edmunds. This will be my first race since February last year.

Keswick to Threlkeld

In Bob Graham Round, Brooks, Feet in the Clouds, Keswick, running shoes, Threlkeld on August 26, 2005 at 12:27 pm

4pm 7.5miles in 1hr 1min and 5 secs.
Year to date mileage 787
Month to date 107 miles

A repeat of yesterdays run along the old Keswick to Threlkeld railway line. This really is a great walk or cycle ride for anyone visiting the area. It is pretty much all on the flat which is unusual for this area. You cross over and under many bridges. With the recent heavy rain the River Greta was in full flow. The only disappointment is when you reach Threlkeld and find your way is blocked by the very busy A66.

Running Shoes

I currently prefer the Brooks Addiction range of shoes. I have the Brooks Addiction 6 model which seem to be extra tough on the outer sole. I have high arches and seem to over pronate leading to wear on the outersoles. However the Brooks shoes seem to last longer before the outersole is worn so they suit me well even they feel a little heavy.

However I always used to swear by New Balance so when I chanced upon a New Balance factory shop in Keswick I bought a pair of 1060’s . I wore these on the run today and they seem a lot lighter though I am not sure if they will cope with my over pronation, only time will tell.

Fell Walking

I have spent most of my vacation walking in the fells rather than running. Keswick is a perfect base for exploring the Northern Fells. If you are based in Keswick you can walk up to many fells without needing to use a car. Overlooking Keswick are Latrigg (1203 feet) and Skiddaw at (3054 feet) . If you take a short boat ride on Derwentwater you can then climb up the very popular Cat bells ( 1482 feet) Maiden Moor (1837 feet) and High Spy ( 2143 feet).

A short drive to Braithwaite enables you to to undertake a lovely ridge walk climbing up Grisedale Pike and circling around over Eel Crag (2749 feet).

On 2 or 3 occasions I saw a different breed of runner out on the fells , the kind of runner that you look at in awe and wonder just how they have the nerve and strength to run up and down the side of mountains. If you lived up in the lake District and had a love for the hills then it would be natural to want to run over the fells.

I am currently reading ‘Feet in the Clouds’ a story of fell running and one mans obsession with undertaking the legendary Bob Graham Round. You can qualify to be a member of the Bob Graham Club if you can run within 24 hours a set course, up and down 42 peaks covering a distance of 72 miles. More on this another time

On vacation

In Castlerigg, Keswick, Lake District on August 23, 2005 at 3:12 pm

I am on holiday this week and taking a vacation up in Keswick in the Lake District. I am mainly taking a break from running for the week but I have today been out for a 7 mile run.

8am 7 miles in 57 mins.
Year to date mileage 780
Month to date 100 miles

I ran along what was the old Keswick railway line and which is now part of the national cycle way. This path leads out to Sunderland. I didn’t go that far but I did take in the Castlerigg Stone circle. This is a very atmospheric stone circle which is placed in an open field with views in all directions. It stands below Blencathra otherwise known as Saddleback and is worth a trip to see a site which various guide books seem to age between 3 to 5 thousand years old.

Fornham Circular Run

In Fornham All Saints, Fornham Saint Martin, Fornham St Genevieve, Tollgate on August 19, 2005 at 2:07 pm

1.30pm 7.5 miles in 59.36 mins.

Year to date mileage 773

Month to date 93 miles

Weather: Steady rain.

The course – head out of Bury on the Beetons Way past Tollgate and through the village of Fornham St Martin. Return to Bury through Fornham All Saints along the A11101 Mildenhall Road , back to Tollgate and return up Beetons Way hill and home.

News from Bury and Norwich Post August 20th 1861

James Lawrence aged 11 and James Oyst aged 14 were charged with stealing turnips from Mr Henry Deeks a farmer of Long Melford. Both to Bury Gaol for 21 days.

My Running Aims Reviewed

In Framligham 10k, Running Aims, Saint Edmund Pacers, scenic seven, Tarpley 10 on August 18, 2005 at 6:37 pm

Back at the beginning of July I set myself some running aims

1To keep fit and be able to run. I have been lucky and been with out injury so achieved this one.

2. To join a club again. I have yet to do so but plan to join St Edmund Pacers in October

3. To do a race this year. I haven’t entered a race since February 2004 . I have entered the Tarpley 10 which is on Sunday 25 September at Beyton Middle School, Beyton near Bury St Edmunds.

I am also considering entering the Framligham 10k on 4th September , the Kentwell Hall 10k on 9 October though this is £17.50 entry fee but it is for Cancer Research and the Stowmarket Sriders Scenic 7 on 13 November

4. To run a 1000 miles this year. I am on course to do this my average monthly mileage is 102 miles a month

5.To try and lose half a stone to get to 12.5 stone. I am currently about 12 .8 I am down about four pounds since July so again I am getting there

6. To take my camera with me so I can capture those sights in nature that sometimes runners are lucky to see because only they are daft enough to get up early in the morning whilst most others are still in bed to go for a long run. Yes I am doing this I am still not that happy with the quality of the camera and would welcome any suggestions for a very light weight digital camera

7. To run hills. There is no excuse really to avoid them after all there are so few in Bury St Edmunds. No if I am honest ive failed on this one

8. To continue the track work. Yes most Wednesdays I am down at the West Suffolk Athletics Track

9. To aim to get back to under 8 minute miling. I was a regular 7 minute miler but after such a long lay off just getting to 8 minute miling would be an achievement. Not sure how fast I am running apart from track sessions I don’t have many accurate times. I constantly stop on a run to take photos so none of my run times are accurate.

10. My tenth and final aim will be to learn more about blogging as I am a total novice and I am not sure what I am doing. It would be great to hear from any exiled Suffolk folk around the world especially runners. I still don’t no very little so I can’t claim to have succeeded on this one.

So a mixed picture but I believe I am going to achieve all these if I remain healthy.

West Suffolk Athletics Track

In West Suffolk Athletics Track on August 17, 2005 at 7:23 pm

6.30pm 6.5 miles in 53 mins.
Year to date mileage 765
Month to date 85 miles
Weather: Warm sunshine summer is back!

Tonights interval work consisted of 5 minutes at 5k pace 1 min rest followed by 4 minutes and 1 min rest and then 3mins with 1 minutes rest and then 500 metres at 1500 metre pace with 1 minutes rest and then 300 metres .

After a five minute recovery we repeated the whole set again.

It was warm tonight and I felt I struggled. I don’t think I drank enough water beforehand and I struggled on the second set of intervals .

My times slowed as follows : I ran the 500 metres in 2.04 and then 2.09 and the 300 metres in 1 min and then 1.04.

My Favourite CD’s – 5th in a Series

In Bob Marley, reggae on August 16, 2005 at 6:14 pm

The great Bob Marley a musical,political and spiritual icon who must have influenced a whole generation of artists. I am sure most people’s collections if they contain any reggae they will have a Bob Marley Album. Personally I love reggae and have several including Exodus and Soul Rebel

This is a greater starter album if you are unsure but want to give reggae a try

This album includes Buffalo Soldier, Could You Be Loved, Exodus, Get Up Stand Up, I Know a Place, I Shot the Sheriff, Is This Love, Jamming, No Woman No Cry, One Love, Redemption Song, Roots Rock Reggae, Stir It Up, Three Little Birds, Waiting in Vain.

There is also a bonus disc with Concrete Jungle, Africa Unite Coming in from the Cold and Pinky Reggae Party.

Oone of my favourite all time songs is One Love / People Get Ready.

One love, one heartLet’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One love)Hear the children crying (One heart)
Sayin’, “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.
“Sayin’, “Let’s get together and feel all right.”Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One love)
There is one question I’d really love to ask (One heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinnerWho has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
Believe meOne love, one heartLet’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One love)So shall it be in the end (One heart)
Alright, “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.
“Let’s get together and feel all right.”One more thing
Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One love)
So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One song)
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation
Sayin’, “One love, one heartLet’s get together and feel all right.
“I’m pleading to mankind (One love)Oh, Lord (One heart) Whoa.
“Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.
“Let’s get together and feel all right.

This song was I think originally on the album Exodus which I bought in 1977.

You can find out a lot more on about the life of Bob Marley on this site.

If I could only choose one artists music and had to throw everything else away then Bob Marley for me would be the one I would keep above all else.