16th July Hyde Wood Circular Run

In Fornham All Saints, Hyde Wood on July 16, 2005 at 2:26 pm

8am, 7 miles in 53.43. Year to date mileage 598, month to date mileage 63 miles. Again hot and sunny wonderful weather.

Course – This run heads out from the County Upper School in Bury towards the Golf course and Westley Road. The Westley Road is always busy and you run for a half mile against the traffic before turning right towards Risby. Go past the crematorium and turn right at Hyde Cottage. You then run round Hyde Wood on a narrow road. Here you hardly see a car though you can see plenty of pheasants.

Not so long ago I was doing this run when I cam across a group of men all walking down one side of Hyde Wood. This part of the run is nearly always deserted and you don’t often so another soul. These guys all had large shot guns drooped over their shoulders and I said hello as I usually do when I pass any body. There wasn’t a murmur as I went past but I can tell you I did feel a little exposed knowing that I was running in a deserted location with a wood on one side and a group of men behind me with shot guns. I think I understood their slight aggression to me when I run round to the other side of the wood as there was literally hundreds of pheasants. The beaters had been through the wood and had cleared the birds to one end ready for a big shoot. As I ran past the birds shot up in the air many of them making outwards away from the woods – I was kinda pleased!

The course follows in a circle along the Hude Road emerging at Fornham All Saints from here head back to Bury and home.

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